Wednesday, May 24, 2006

X-Play vs Tommy Page

Today on my lunch break I came across an episode of X-Play on G4. This episode was a retrospective of "classic" X-Play moments and it actually turned out to be entertaining. It pulled my attention away from the Full House rerun I was watching anyway. You know, the one where Danny gets Tommy Page to sing at Stephanie's birthday party and then her and DJ fight over Tommy because they both think he's their boyfriend when actually he already has a girlfriend and the B story is Joey teaching Michelle to be funny so she can make Jesse and Rebecca's twins, Nicky and Alex, laugh? You know that one? Huh? Remember?

That's right, the babyface singer of mushy music that made girls swoon, the crybaby that opened for New Kids on the Block, the Tiger Beat pin-up that caused two sisters to turn against one another on Full House was this guy. Nice hat...Silly 80's!
What the heck happened to Tommy Page anyway? Ever notice how puffy his face was like he forgot to take the cotton out after leaving the dentist? Ending tangent in 5...4...3...2...

Long story short (too late), this episode of X-Play is pretty good and I must admit their spoofs are actually funny...most of the time. In regards to actual gaming, tonight we will hopefully get some Burnout Revenge action going on Live and then Thursday I believe there's some sort of TehBias-America vs. TehBias-Canada "Sharks vs. Jets-West Side Story" type rumble planned for GRAW. God help us all
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