Saturday, December 22, 2007

ICandee's Top Five: Christmas Edition

Still need some last minute gifts for the gamer in your life? Target out of the DS? No Wii's to be found? The only edition of Rock Band you can find is for the PS3? Well fear not, my friends! I have gathered the finest in last minute gamer gifts that are guaranteed to be available in stores! And here they are (in no particular order)-*ahem*

ICandee's Top Five: Last Minute Gamer Gift Edition

1. Wii Points Card: If you know someone lucky enough to have been able to actually find a Wii this holiday season, why not buy them a points card for the Virtual Console? Or if you know someone who really really wants a Wii for Christmas and you also know they're not getting one, get them a points card and make them open that first. They'll think their next present is a Wii and you'll have the pleasure of pointing and laughing when they start crying.

2. XBox Live Subscription (the year one, don't be a cheapskate and get the 3 month one jackass): If they don't already have XBox Live, this is a great gift! And if they do have Live...well, who doesn't like saving $50.00 bucks? Woo hoo, free year of Live!

3. Game Stop Gift Certificate:
Let's face it, with the exception of a Play N Trade here and there, Game Stop is all we've got as they push forward in their plan to annihilate every "mom and pop" game store in their path. So just give in and get your gamer a gift certificate from Game Stop. Nothing says "I love you and stuff but I'm too lazy to really put any thought into a gift and this way you can get what you want and I don't have to hear your bitching" like a gift card, yes?

4. XBox Live Points: With all the downloadable content for games like Rock Band and Beautiful Katamari your gamer is going to be truly grateful that, thanks to you, they only need to spend $60.00 bucks on a game since you're picking up the rest of the tab by buying them a points card. (oh yeah, they can get movies and stuff too I guess).

And last but certainly not least: *drumroll*

5. PS3: Let's face it, finding a PS3 this holiday season is like shooting fish in a barrel.

Don't forget to check back for ICandee's Review of Everything 2007-coming soon!
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