Thursday, February 5, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

OK well it's not my birthday but today is officially...*drumroll*

ICandee, You Game's 3 Year Anniversary here at MSN Spaces!

Boom, roasted! That's right, 3 years ago-2/5/2006 I created this blog and wrote my first couple of entries. I felt immediately welcomed when I first joined up and have always enjoyed writing here. Whether or not anyone reads my entries, I felt part of the gaming community and that's what matters. I never tried to be a gaming news or review site. I just wanted to blog about my adventures in gaming, which I have been for 3 years now. In that time I've gotten married, had a baby and if that wasn't enough life changes, I also experienced my launch 360 go the way of the dreaded Red Rings of Death. But through it all, 2 Spacers in particular have always been with me:

TormentX, who started his Space in April 2005, used his first post to write about the launch of the 360.

Superghost, who also hit Spaces in April 2005, posted about Ubisoft's Advanced Tactical Centers in one of his first posts. (He was also the first person to ever leave a comment here at ICandee, You Game.)

We've come a long way from the 360 shortages and RROD (although RROD still show up now and then) and quite a few of us have come and gone. Blogs sometimes sit not updated or people move along to other things. I admit I miss the Spaces "heyday" where I visited multiple blogs: we all visited and commented on entries. But that's the way life is I suppose.

I have been considering moving ICandee, You Game to Blogspot. One reason being that you don't have to sign in to comment. Another being able to add AdSense and possible making a little pocket change on the side. I haven't decided yet but if I do move, I promise to leave a forwarding address...After all, I don't know if I could continue writing if I didn't have TormentX and Superghost with me! :P Thanks guys, it means a lot to have you here!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Animal Crossing Runs Parallel

Not being able to play much Fable 2 lately, I've been focusing on Animal Crossing: City Folk on the Wii. I've played all 3 versions on this game and although a lot of things have changed for the better (easier letter writing and instant fossil identification for starters), I still see so much more potential for this franchise.

Don't get me wrong, I have still put hours and hours into Animal Crossing: City Folk and will continue to do so. And if they never change anything, I'll probably still spend hours catching the same old bugs and fish and running from the same old bees in future installments. However, there's one thing I really miss from the GameCube AC and that's the music. Don't ask me why because I don't have a clue. I remember first starting AC: Wild World and being disappointed that the music wasn't there.

With City Folk, I was hoping they would combine the GameCube music with the DS music but instead we just got the DS music again. They have expanded how much interaction you can have with your villagers (including being able to complain about them at Town Hall) and luckily the holidays are back, but how much change should a franchise get with each new addition? Does Animal Crossing need an entire overhaul or (like the Katamari series) if it ain't broke, don't fix it?
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