Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Craftsmanship of Video Games

Nothing like a change of scenery to breathe new life into a blog, eh? (Here's to finding an Photoshop cutting tutorial, cheers!)
In my recent travels (and by travels I mean visiting sites other than mine), I've come across an entire side of video gaming that has nothing to do with the act of playing video games but is part of our "culture" nonetheless. I was unwittingly a member of it and didn't even know it...until now...
May I present: Video Game and Handicrafts...collide!!!
We have gaming cross stitch, created by Becky over at The Pink Samurai:

We also have gaming knitting in the form of a Katamari hat (I want one!), created by Natalie Zee Drieu at

There's Duck Hunt in Lego form from Skinny Coder (check out his other ones too):

And last but not least, a knitted Two-Headed Baby from Doublefine, created by Jessica Hutchison:

So what is the lesson for today children? Here it is: Even though Mom's made you put down the controller, that doesn't mean the gaming has to stop.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Minor Celebrities and Major Weeds

My last entry regarding my Top 5 Comfort Games reminded me that I actually hadn't picked up Animal Crossing Wild World in a while (3 months actually as my villagers were so kind to point out to me every 2 seconds). So from 2/11 when that entry was posted until tonight: I have been de-weeding my village. *shudder* I was really wishing I had the Action Replay DS that turns weeds into goldbags...that would have much more fun and I could have gone shopping at Nook's instead of spending all of my time pulling weeds and kissing my villagers' backsides since I've been away so long...Oh AC:WW, how I love thee!

In other exciting news (that actually is more exciting than the news of my weedy village) TormentX's first episode of Minor Celebrities is up on You Tube, woo hoo! Check it out here or you can also watch it via TormentX's fabulous blog here.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

ICandee's Top Five: Comfort Games Edition

I was watching a cooking show the other day that was making "comfort food". You know, those particular dishes that always give you that "at home" kind of comfortable feeling. Down here in the South, that would probably mean chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and buttermilk biscuits. *yum* Comfort food can be anything in my opinion, it's all about whatever gives you the feeling that all is right with the world...

Which got me thinking about certain video games that give me that same feeling. I have a lot of "favorite" games but there are a select few that I always go to for that "comfort" feeling. Happy or sad, whether I have 5 minutes to get some gaming in or hours to play, these are my "go to" games where I get that sense of comfort and relaxation. So without further ado, I'm proud to present...

ICandee's Top Five: Comfort Games Edition

1. Fable (Xbox): Being the first game I ever played on the Xbox, I still have fond memories of this game. Beyond that however, there's some solace to be had in running from forest to forest, killing everything in your path just to gain enough experience for the level up you need or playing blackjack for hours and hours just to be able to afford that sweet sweet Solus Greatsword...oh baby...

2. We Love Katamari (PS2): I'm a rabid fan of the Katamari games anyway but We Love Katamari really got it right. This is one of those games that is always played whenever I need a shot of cuteness or in the mood to try and get 1,000 paper cranes in one shot. Even though you're on a timer, this game has always been a laid back treasure for me.

3. G.R.A.W. Online Co-op (Xbox 360): I'm sure by now it's well know that I adore G.R.A.W. but co-op is really where my heart lies (lay? lies? whatever...) There's no better feeling than "us against the world" in co-op. A lot of games have this feature and they all do it pretty well but I always get that comforted feeling when we launch into a G.R.A.W. co-op mission. I still laugh whenever there's a team kill (and no one's let me forget that I can be the worst offender) or when the lone wolf of the tribe runs off and bites the dust 3 seconds into the mission. And I still yell at the screen for a team mate to "watch out behind you!!!" when I'm waiting in the dead lobby. It's one of those online times where it's not always frantic but it sure is a lot of fun.

4. Viva Pinata (Xbox 360): Although this game has a habit of getting hectic at times, there's always that one moment (for me it's usually the time between night and day when my sherbats are going to sleep and my cinnamonkeys are waking up) where everything is serene and soft cutesy music plays in the background. Everyone's getting along, all your plants are watered and there are no sour pinatas to be seen. The perfect time to take a cleansing breath...right before a stupid syrupent tries eating your mousemallow...again.

5. Animal Crossing (Nintendo DS): Some games have fishing in them but none have captured that actual "all the time in the world to fish my little heart out" feeling like Animal Crossing. Other than trying to time yourself to meet specific events, you have the freedom to spend your days doing whatever you want. There's no missions to get done, no one to escort and no boss to battle. It's the one place where you can literally spend the day doing whatever you want. Make friends, write letters, dig for fossils, fish, make constellations or clothes, shop, plant...Play for 2 seconds, play for 2 days, play for 2 weeks...It's your world and you're in charge...

And in the end, isn't that a part of why we play video games in the first place?

Monday, February 5, 2007

ICandee, You Game Turns 1!

Believe it or not, one year ago today I created this Space and made my very first blog entry. What a long game trip it's been...What's this? A congratulatory greeting for little 'ole me? I wonder who it could be?

Why thank you Mr. Gates! I feel so honored...

You know, I would like to thank everyone that reads my blog for well...reading my blog. I've met a lot of cool people (a.k.a. Spacers) through this little blog of mine (most of which are now gaming buddies) and I have to say that I'm thankful for our gaming community here on Spaces. Thanks also for visiting and leaving comments here at ICandee, You Game as well as writing the entertaining blogs that I enjoy reading every day. I really do appreciate it!

Y'all come back in another year now, ya hear?

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Neither Rain Nor Sleet Nor Snow Will Keep Me From Gaming

There's nothing like finally getting back on Live and having a G.R.A.W. 2 demo waiting for you. I had no idea Ubisoft was going to celebrate my return! (Actually, celebrating would have included a multiplayer demo as well but I'll take what I can get!) Thus, it looks as though the next couple of months will be another quarter deluge of game releases with G.R.A.W. 2, Guitar Hero II and Dance Dance Revolution Universe all for the 360. (To name a few on the ICandee Gaming Radar)

This morning I woke up to...get ready...SNOW! So now (after listening to my fiance and his coworkers laugh at me and my homeland because we shut down at the mere whiff of flurries) I get the day off and I'm gonna play me some la sleet and slush!
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