Saturday, June 30, 2007

Fight For Your Right to Mario Party

Well, Sean80 sold his Wii, TormentX couldn't get rid of his fast enough and I'm looking at our Wii wondering what the heck I can play on it. I almost passed out from playing Super Monkey Ball last weekend (Red Light, Green Light is stressful) and although I am hoping to finally get the courage to play Resident Evil 4 Wii at some point (I'm notoriously chicken when it comes to horror games) I was at a loss to find something truly addictive and fun to play on the Wii...

Enter Mario Party 8

I love this game! Where the heck was I for the last seven? This game to me is the Wii seller (assuming you're looking for group play). The games are long though and have that "Monopoly-go on forever and ever feel" which isn't a bad thing I'm sure. So if you're looking for a great group/party game and unlike Sean80 and TormentX your Wii is still intact-make sure to grab a copy of Mario Party 8!

P.S.-Yes the pink-burn your retinas-theme is back...oh how I missed you Pinky!

P.P.S.-I can hear my fiance, RuFfNeCk in the other room yelling at Prince of Persia for the XBLA. I think I just heard him say, "You stupid British &*%$ sucker!" Which is weird since the Prince is obviously Persian. Hey Honey, who needs to calm down now? In your face Sweetie!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Couple of the Year: Persian Prince and Alpha-152

I was so excited when I heard Prince of Persia Classic was coming to the Xbox Live Arcade. I was even more excited this past Wednesday when I heard it was waiting for me to download it in all it's Prince-y glory. It's been a while since I was so excited to get my hands on a game and the time had come! I was going to play classic Prince of Persia...all was right with the world...

Until I started playing it and realized that the Prince hated me and wanted to see me die slowly and painfully. Or maybe it's quickly and stupidly since the little bastard seems to like to jump off platforms in some sort of freaky gaming free will stand against me. I haven't been this frustrated with a game since Alpha-152 and that's saying something. And to be brought down by an arcade game is just humiliating. I've always said that there is a fine line between a game that's challenging and one that makes you play the same section 1,000's of times until you finally beat it only to fall of an edge and die. He can pull himself up off of crumbling ledges and can't survive a two foot drop to the ground?!?!?!?!? "Son of a $%^ I hate you #$%&*& why God can't he just #@*& when I hit the $&^% A button %^&* over and over again! Mutha #$%*&(!"

Annnddd that's been life with me for the past couple of days. I at one point even told the Prince to lick my balls which is so wrong on two levels: 1. It's an ugly thing to say and wildly inappropriate and 2. Since I am a woman, I don't even have balls. Therefore, I've decided not to play Prince of Persia for a while, RuFfNeCk says I'm scaring the dog...

Friday, June 1, 2007

ICandee's Top Five: I've Been Playing! Edition

Well with RuFfNeCk the Fiance moving in last weekend, there's been practically no time for gaming, much less blogging. /end excuse

But that was then, now that he's here we can get on with the gaming! (Especially since he brought a PS3 and Wii with him, woo hoo!) So here's the June 1st Edition of my Top Five:

ICandee's Top Five: What I Been Playing Edition

1. Ninja Gaiden Sigma (demo on PS3): I never played the original but this looks good. I like button mashing which served me well until I got to the Boss. Oh well, still fun. (of course, it's last-gen-Xbox-now-next-gen-PS3-duh-huh fun but whatever...)

2. Mad Tracks (demo on XBLA): How cute is this game? I've only played the demo on XBLA but I really enjoyed it. I had the most fun with the "dodge the ball" game. Had I the points, I would have bought it. :P

3. Resistance Fall of Man (PS3): OK, I didn't play this so much as watch RuFfNeCk play it but I got the general gist. Looks pretty good although I was expecting better but the weapons are cool and it had a very Call of Duty feel to it in my most humble opinion.

4. Halo 3 beta (Xbox 360 via Crackdown): OK, again, didn't play this myself but I had a house full of guys last weekend and they played the tar out of it. Very fun to watch and I love watching good Halo players play. There's something about watching someone running, picking up weapons, strafing and getting the kill in virutally one fluid movement that fascinates me. But I think the best part was some guy sending me a friend request (thinking that I personally was the one that schooled him in a few matches) and then sending me a picture of what I'm assuming he hopes I believe to be his torso. Classy...I of course declined the friend invite...

5. Shadowrun (Xbox 360): You know, it's never a good sign when no one reviews your game when it comes out. WTF? But I had seen the game being played and it intrigued me. The difficulty came in when RuFfNeCk and I couldn't decide whether to share one copy or buy two. Our sensible sides won out and we got only one. This game is a lot of fun. I quite enjoy teleporting around and that shotty is powerful as all get out, in your face AI bot for jerks! I may just venture into the unwashed masses to play this one as I'm not sure anyone else I know is getting it. (Might be nice for IGN to review the 360 version instead of wasting time bitching that they can't hook up the PC version) But I guess that's moot anyway since I already have it and I'm liking it. Up yours reviewers that don't review!

Boom Boom Banished to the Wii Room

OK, I admit it...I'm one of those gamers that will exclaim, "but I was hitting the right button and I died anyway! Stupid broken game..." Case in point: Boom Boom Rocket. I know for a fact that I was indeed pressing the Y button at the correct time but alas, the game is broken. I'm trying my best to complete Hard mode but holy firework Batman, I just don't think my thumb can move that fast!

In other relationship news, RuFfNeCk's power supply for his 360 died a painful death and while it is being whisked away for surgery at Microsoft Medical Center, we are having to share my 360 by switching out hard drives. This actually has gone smooth as silk...until last night...Having a PS3 in the house has meant that I have rediscovered We Love Katamari and decided to play through it again on the new system. Between that and my shouting matches with Boom Boom Rocket...well, let's just say that I became a little bit of a console hog last night and my poor fiance got banished to web surfing on the Wii (which is in our second gaming area). I felt bad but he got his revenge when he played Worms on the 360 with the guys and I had to listen to "Surprise!" and "Uh oh!" over and over and over again...AAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!

Please let the power supply come back today-Please let the power supply come back today-Please let the power supply come back today
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