Friday, May 12, 2006

Babes For Hire and Other Tongues In Cheeks

With every E3 comes the inevitable slew of "Booth Babe" galleries on websites and blogs. Apparently regardless of any restrictions placed on booth babes, this year's E3 brought us a flurry of tube tops, micro minis, bad wigs and some chick with an engine strapped to her chest for some reason.

Well I'm here to speak out against such injustice! Why, do you ask? Is it because women have no place at a gaming expo? Yeah right. Could it be because Booth Babes give women in gaming a bad name? Nah. Maybe it's because I feel that it's sexist and demeaning to women? hee hee, nope.

These are women that get free rides to the greatest gaming event of the year and they probably have never even heard of the games they're representing. No fair! I say that they need to find Babes that not only would represent games and gaming paraphernalia but also actually be excited to be amongst all the newest gaming goodness. I say they need Babes that can find decent wigs to wear! I say they need Babes that game! I say they need me! Bring on the Gaming Booth Babes! Let the cute gamers like me cheese it up for E3 in exchange for free access to all the exhibits and schwag! I'm a gamer and I'm cute so bring on the tube tops and throw out the underwear! We're taking E3 back Hot Ladies of the Consoles...who's with me?!

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