Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Call of Duty 2: ICandee of the Year Edition

Well well well...Looks like someone has finally finished the entire Jewel Looks like someone cute has beaten this arcade game of torture. And that someone is...


In your face Jewel Quest! Take that you son of a motherless goat! Bam! Bow! Woo hoo! I am free! FREEDOM!!!!!!

Ahem...In other news, I have finally acquired a copy of Call of Duty 2. Not only have I finally bought this incredibly awesome game but it is none other than that Game of the Year Edition. Oh baby...Come to Momma. I watched the extras disc last night and was quite pleased with it overall. The mission walkthroughs with the developer commentary was great, my only complaint was that there weren't more. They weren't so much "walkthroughs" as one of them playing the mission and them all talking about the game and what not. Very very cool.

So Jewel Quest is done and out of my life, I've got my COD2 and I downloaded all four maps for COD2 which are free with the GOTY edition. Life is good!

EDIT: It has come to my attention that although "Achievement Unlocked" popped up on my screen, Jewel Quest did not give me my "finished the game" achievement. Everyone stay calm...try not to panic...everything's going to be...Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Why Jewel Quest why? "Oh Mighty Smiter! Tell me who to smite and they shall be smoten!" Whew, ok better now. I do not heart Jewel Quest.
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