Monday, November 15, 2010

Move Complete!

Yikes, no word from me since August, which is a shame because I've actually been playing games in those months and now am way behind in blogging about any of it. (But I can still rock the run on sentence apparently so that's nice.)

Anyhoo, I got an e-mail that MSN Spaces was moving over to Wordpress (and where was this when I needed it?) and they basically told me that my blog didn't have to go home but it can't stay there so I've been in a flurry to finish moving all of my MSN Space's posts over here. 3 years worth of posts and I'm all done! Excuse me while I pause to give myself a high five...

There, that's better.

So feel free to browse through and enjoy such timely posts such as me having our first child and playing Fable 2 while breastfeeding (hey, I had to get in the gaming where I could, yo). And hopefully I can get you all caught up on my crazy gaming days soon...
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