Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Famous Couples Have New Competition

I have so many famous couples I call my favorite:

Peanut Butter and Jelly
Romeo and Juliet
Six and Baltar
Chocolate and Anything
Katamari and the 360

And now this just moved to the top of my list:

...oh baby!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Crybabies, Jughead and Attempted Murder

Remember when last week I predicted that Geoff would cry when it was Amy, not Kelly, that walked through the door? Told you so! Although I'm not sure if he was crying because Kelly went home or because his lucky hat was gone...

This week's game was PGR4 and seeing as how I met my husband playing PGR3 I was excited to see what this week had in store. What I wasn't prepared for was MORE frickin' tears. For pete's sake, there's more crying on this show than all seasons of The Bachelor combined. Anyway, Karen from The Office informs our weepy eyed gamers that they will pair up, take on real cars and see which team has the best drift. Some famous driving guy comes in to judge and...they're off!

Way off in my opinion...

Here are the pairings:

Mark and Ciji, who both nailed it
Alyson and Robert, who has never driven in his life thanks to NYC
Chelsea and Swoozie, I can't decide if I like Swoozie or not
Amy and Jamal, more on Jamal later
and last but not least: Geoff and Dante Petrelli (please someone cut that front hang-y emo hair off!)

Long story short, Dante, the "expert" at racing is sure he will be top dog and instead ends up almost killing the camera crew. Chelsea ends up driving to Alaska instead of keeping on course (I think she took off because she was afraid they would charge her for the barrel she annihilated) and apparently Swoozie threatened retribution if she failed because she couldn't keep her scared rabbit eyes off of him as Karen from The Office and that racing judge guy were telling her how much she sucked. Amy/Jamal did well, Ciji/Mark did better and Alyson/Robert did about as well as was expected seeing how Robert has never driven and Alyson apparently just learned.

First place: Ciji and Mark, I was happy about their win, they deserved it. Now before I say who took last place, let me just say: it had to be between Swoozie/Chelsea and Dante/Geoff. First of all, Chelsea didn't even run the course and took out a barrel and second, Dante ALMOST KILLED PEOPLE. My logic is sound, yes? Except that apparently those barrels get paid more than the crew because it's Swoozie/Chelsea in LAST and Geoff/Dante end up being SECOND. Wha????? Amy/Jamal end up 3rd and Alyson/Robert are 4th. FAIL! FAIL! FAIL!

So they get back to the loft and Swoozie says some sort of ego driven blah blah blah "Count me out when I pack my bags and leave and don't come back". Uh, thanks for the instructions, we're planning on it, chet. And then Alyson (who has never played PGR4 before) says something peculiar, "I don't think they really have any idea how good I am" (referring to Halo 3 and shooters in general). Hmmm, see that's all well and good but you know you have to play PGR4 this week, right? The game you've never played before? But that's okay, I'm sure you'll do well! *cue sad music*

Now before we get to the Isolation Challenge, a little dueling was going on in the loft. Jamal started slapping Dante Petrelli with his metaphorical glove and challenging him to a Virtua Fighter Face Off! *gasp* I have to stop here to say that if there's one reason I don't want Dante to get his "GAME OVER" it's this: Remember last week when he called Mark a "Floppy Farm Boy"? Well this week he called Jamal "Jughead". Awesome! The man does have a way with name calling, admit it! So anyway, the whole VF5 show down was actually close with Jamal winning the last round. Jamal....hmmmm...

You know, I don't read that many comics but I know enough to know the difference between a villain and a super villain. See, Dante is a villain but not one that could take over the world. He's more the type that has the potential to be evil but generally ends up dropping the girl as he's flying away to take her to his secret lair or having to turn around because he realized he forgot his laser gun. Jamal on the other hand...the jury's still out for me on Jamal. First I thought he was boring, then I thought I liked him. Now I'm thinking he's the worst kind of super villain. The kind that smiles while he's taking jabs at you. (like Frodo's character in "Sin City") The kind you never see coming...Well, except that he can't stop trash talking so if he'd shut the heck up you wouldn't see him coming. As it stands right now, you have plenty of time to make a run for it, you can hear him coming a mile away...

In other news on a gaming show that has nothing to do with gaming, the producers apparently needed a new romantic angle with Kelly gone and Geoff bemoaning his lost reality TV love and lucky hat, we turn to Mark and Ciji to heat things up! (Much better choice than Dante, Ciji!) Unfortunately Mark has a girlfriend so I'm not sure where the producers will turn next.

By the way, they're using the wheel instead of the controller to play this week's game. I feel it for them because I hate using the wheel myself, gotta have that controller! Here we are at the Isolation Challenge and after Jimmy Fallon puts the fear of God in them, we end up with Dante in first place (again) and Alyson in last place. Let me save you the suspense. Once again, Dante talks to pretty lady (this time it's Chelsea) and he picks Jamal to go up against Alyson. Well crap, there goes Alyson!

Even though they go through the motions of showing everyone on Alyson's side and her giving it her best, let's face it, she's never played the game and Jamal came in 4th in the Isolation Challenge. (My choice to go against Alyson would have been Geoff, I like seeing equally skilled players against each other.) I'm not sure what Dante was thinking but apparently he just wanted to keep Jamal around for some warped reason of his own. Although they made it look like a close Elimination race between Jamal and Alyson, they covered Alyson's time with her picture and at that point, the suspense went bye bye and so did Alyson.

I have to say, I hated this pairing, I really wanted Alyson to continue. I was interested in seeing her in her element with FPS. I'm on the fence with Jamal now. He seems like a pretty okay guy but the trash talk is getting tiresome. Then again, gaming is nothing without trash talk so what do I know? Oh well, Jamal's off to the Loft and Dante better hope he's not the next one duct taped to a bed. (Teach you to drink wine Jamal! Wait, what are you doing drinking wine anyway)

Here's my predictions for next week as the gamers "Dance Dance" their way to Reality TV obscurity:

-I still say Amy will make it to the Top 4
-If Geoff does well and does not end up in the bottom next week, I'll be surprised
-Jamal will trash talk his way to my naughty list
-I'm hoping next week's episode will help me decide if I like Swoozie. He's kind of a douche but then wears a "The Cake Is A Lie" shirt. I'm conflicted!
-I'm going on a limb here and will predict that only ONE person will cry next week. Please let it be only one!
-Contacts or no, I've decided that Robert's okay and I'm saying he'll join Amy in the Top 4

One last thought: in the history of reality TV hosts, 2 hosts almost never make it to the second season and this show needs 2 hosts even less. Karen from The Office or Jimmy Fallon, get ready for your very own "GAME OVER"!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ancient Gaming Secret, Huh?

See, soaps in the shape of cute things aren't just for old ladies anymore! (Unless your old lady games, then I would suggest you go buy her some of these to replace the basket of shells on the back of her toilet).

Check out Digital Soaps.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

The End of All Things

Okay, pure and simple, if you don't and haven't been watching Battlestar Galactica for the past 4 seasons...well, I don't know what to tell you (although I have a couple of things I could call you). And don't think about watching it now because it's over....OVER! Why? Why? Why? Actually, you can get it on DVD but still! Last night's series finale was a good ending. I wasn't on the edge of my seat for the most part but I was satisfied.

Remember how Menudo would change members more often that they change socks? It's time for another Frag Dolls Casting Call! Woo hoo! I wish Ubisoft would do an offset of the Frag Dolls to include female gamers that don't play competitively but are still hardcore gamers, we could still represent! Maybe I could convince Double Fine to start a group like that.

Anyhoo, I hope everyone is having a smashing weekend! I'm going to hopefully get some gaming at some point. RuFfNeCk is working all weekend long so Boo! to that.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Tears, Floppy Farm Boys and The Longest Blog Post Ever

Wow, who knew gamers had so much drama (or cried so darn much for that matter)? Kleenex is sure to be in the black this fiscal year. Last night's episode of WCG Ultimate Gamer was definitely a step up from the first episode. We had King Kong, Floppy Farm Boys and tears by the barrel full!

This week's game was Virtua Fighter 5 and I won't bore you with all of the challenge details and what nots. After all, this blog doesn't specialize in the news you can get anywhere, right? So let's sum up the boring stuff and get to what we all came here for: drama, drama, drama. (Ironically the one thing I didn't think this show could produce, real or manufactured.)

So the Real Life Challenge was to play a sort of "Name That Tune" of board breaking. (When they showed up at this abandoned looking warehouse, I was hoping the challenge would be Abandoned Warehouse Dancing a la Kevin Bacon in "Footloose".) Karen from The Office states that the teams were "randomly selected" which I'm sure is true but apparently the "random" machine "randomly" put Robert, Kelly, Amy and Alyson on the same team (this time adding in Ciji and Dante) again. Since their fantastic defeat with Rock Band 2, one can only hope they fare better as a team this week...

Damn you irony!

They fail, Red Team wins (Swoozie, Mark, Jamal, Geoff and Chelsea). So now Amy, Robert, Alyson, Ciji, Kelly and Dante are in last place meaning that if they don't pull a rabbit out of their hats during the Isolation Challenge, they're screwed.

Three best things about this challenge:

1. Geoff and "King Kong" are used in the same sentence. (I'd think of him more like a Hulk myself)
2. Dante calls Mark a "Floppy Farm Boy" (I had to rewind this twice to make sure, it's that funny)
3. When Dante lost he cried and cried and cried thus bringing my prediction from last week to life that he would cry more than Ciji who, also on the losing team, did not cry. (That we saw anyway) Hey, remember the first season of Heroes when Peter had his emo hair that was always hanging in his face? It made me want to take scissors to it while he was sleeping...I'm really hoping someone in that loft has scissors...

It's when we get back to the loft that we get to the good stuff.

The best part of the whole scene is this: remember last week when I said that "Mark and Jamal are boring"? Well, my stars...hello Jamal! It must have been his big goofy grin that threw me off track last week because he was more than content to put his happy face in the box under his bed and put on his meanie face because he was right there jabbing Dante into an inferno (I know, too easy). And just who was yelling his own comments from the peanut gallery? Why, Mark, there you are!

Somehow Amy gets dragged into all this so Dante, being accused of talking about others behind their back and convinced that alliances are being formed to take him (and knowledge of alien existence) down, starts the whole, "She talks too much!" to be shortly followed by the "I never said she said she talks to much...I said a lot!" Dude, you are being recorded on C-A-M-E-R-A, they have photographic evidence of when you take a potty break for pete's sake. And just who (according to Dante's newspaper clippings on the wall) is the mastermind behind this nefarious plot to destroy him?? Why, it's Ciji! Who apparently is threatened by Dante because the only game she plays is Guitar Hero. Dante is one crazy whine short of taking his ball and going home. Uh...Ciji, you have a crush on this guy....really? *shudder*

Whew...so before we go on to the Isolation Challenge, a quick word about Robert. In regards to the game being Virtua Fighter 5 he says, "not my type of game". Nice try Lao Che! We fell for that last week with Rock Band, remember? When you crapped all over the first two challenges and then wailed on JD at the Elimination Challenge? Well, not this time! (Although he takes 8th place at the Isolation Challenge so maybe he was right...oh whoops! *spoiler alert* he takes 8th...oh whatever) He also sported a new contact this week, a fancy one! Let's see, he's already got the sideways hat, piercings and Marilyn Manson contacts. I'm not sure how much more "style" I can take from this one before my retinas burn out of my skull.

Moving on...

Isolation Challenge, let me spare you the details: Kelly ends up in last place with Dante (no!) being in first. So Dante will choose who Kelly goes up against in the elimination challenge. dun dun DUN! Now it's time for hushed secret squirrel talks back at the loft...shhhhhhh...

Dante pairs up with Kelly, promising to train her and find out from her who she thinks she should be up against. Dante is clearly gunning for Ciji due to her getting on his nerves. Kelly, however brings Amy into the mix because supposedly Amy has been "sneaking by" in the competition so far. Um...listen sweetie, when you're also in the bottom, Amy ain't the only one that's been "sneaking by" so far. (especially when her rank is 7-10 and yours is 11-11) So of course, Dante listens to the pretty lady and picks Amy, who has also been getting on his nerves. Both Dante and Kelly are figuring it would be an easy victory. Too bad they didn't see the promos for the show that clearly show Amy playing paintball and Ciji playing DDR in future episodes (thanks SciFi for keeping the suspense alive) or they might have picked someone else.

In the end, it's down to Kelly and Amy (and Karen from The Office in another mini dress). It was a very close match but I'm not sure if that means they were both kicking butt or both sucking equally. Amy comes out victorious and Kelly is left to throw Geoff's hat around and say a tearful farewell to him via the camera. "Smiles!"

Another episode down and prizes to win! Remember, you're playing for a Rock Band hat and Street Fighter IV Costume Pack. Leave a comment on this post (not the answer!) and then e-mail me your answer to icandee360 at gmail dot com. First one wins. Here's your question, hope you were playing attention:

"Geoff, being picked MVP at the Real Life Challenge won a training session with the current US WCG Virtua Fighter 5 Champion, Adnan Rana and during the session, SciFi blazes a huge promo for one of their other shows that covers half the screen and half of Rana's face. What show were they promoting (that's apparently more important to showcase than the show currently...uh, showing)?"

Good luck! Here's where we are with WCG Ultimate Gamer and where I think we're going:

-Amy kept a pretty cool head during the Dante-Jamal-Mark-Ciji debate so I'm revising my previous statement of her from last week. I still say she'll make it to the top 4 but with more tears than fights.
-Robert brought more contacts with him than shirts
-Geoff SMASH! (and will cry when he sees Amy walk through the door next week)
-Speaking of crying, only 6 people have not cried since the show started (and we're only two episodes in!): Mark, Jamal, Robert, Alyson, Chelsea, JD and I say at least 2 of those listed will fall off the stoic wagon before the season is over.
-Watch out for Jamal, he's a sneaky one...I predict he will make Dante cry at least once more before Dante goes home.
-I hope Dante knows his game because he will be put up against last placers until they get rid of him.

That's it, I can type no more! Join me next week for another episode of As The World Turns...wait, I mean WCG Ultimate Gamer!

*dramatic look at camera* and...


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Attack of the Arcade...With Prizes

RuFfNeCk got me a memory card for the 360 so I could save my profile on it. Reason being that he has every Arcade game and since I'm very picky as to what and where my points go to, this is the perfect solution for me to try out full versions of games without spending points on crap. (I'm talking to you Root Beer Tapper!)

Anyhoo, so today I tried out some Booty game (ironically it's about pirates, not the other kind of booty...oh well!) and Braid. (Yes, I realize I'm a year behind here) So as I'm sitting there getting bitch slapped by Braid, I get an idea. I usually get my best ideas while gaming and this session of failing to get all the puzzle pieces in Worlds 3, 4 and 5 was no exception.

Here's what I'm going to do: since SciFi's WCG Ultimate Gamer is not as horrible as say, G4's current line up of non award winning crap-o-rama. (Ninja Warrior being the exception of course) I got the idea to reward you (yes, you!) my loyal readers (all 3 of you) for watching Ultimate Gamer.

Every week I will be watching the show and blogging my various witty and I'm sure often hilarious thoughts and anecdotes the following day. Your job is to read said blog, leave a comment (about your thoughts on the show, just to say hello or tell me how great I am...all viable options for comment leaving) and then e-mail your answer to a question about that week's episode that you will only know if you have watched the show because the answer will not be here. Clear as mud, yes?

If there is no winner for the week, that week's prize will be added to the next week's prize and the winner for that week will win both. And on and on it goes...

So since I didn't have a prize for last week's episode, there will be 2 prizes to win this week. Here's what you will be playing for:

A Rock Band hat in honor of last week's episode. And...

In honor of this week's episode, the code for the Brawler Costume Pack for Street Fighter IV which sells for 320 MS points on Live. This pack includes all-new alternate costumes for Abel, El Fuerte, E.Honda, Rufus and Zangief.

So there you have it:

1. Watch WCG Ultimate Gamer on SciFi tonight at 10:00 PM.
2. Pay attention (DVRs are fab)
3. Come back here tomorrow.
4. Wipe the tears from your eyes as you read my stunningly amusing and insightful blog post about tonight's episode.
5. Comment on the post with something like, "Hey there ICandee, you make my life worth living."
6. Scratch your head as you try to answer my question about tonight's episode.
7. E-mail me at icandee360 at gmail dot com with your answer.

First person to comment here and then e-mail the correct answer wins both prizes. If no one wins, both prizes will go towards next week's Ultimate Gamepot (that's right, I just named this madness!).

Open to US and Canada residents.

Go watch Ultimate Gamer and I'll see you tomorrow!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Peggle Me This Batman

I am loving me some Peggle. DS, Xbox Live Arcade, doesn't matter where, it's freaking fun to play! I beat the game pretty quickly but those challenge levels are kicking my can.

In other non-gaming news...3 things:

1. The only thing worth watching on G4 is Ninja Warrior (Um...G4 Underground with Morgan Webb? What, are they going to investigate why Ultimate Gamer is showing on a sci fi channel instead of G4, a gaming channel? Bah!)

2. The Big Lebowski should be on everyone's "To See", "Must See" or "Top Ten" list of movies...period.


3. Episode 2 of WCG Ultimate Gamer is on tomorrow night, woo hoo!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

And The Contacts Shall Lead Them...

Well well well, here we are, one episode down on SciFi's newest science fiction...uh, I mean newest show: WCG Ultimate Gamer.

Overall the show isn't too bad. So here's the deal:

12 gamers are picked to live in a loft to find out what it's like when people stop being polite and start getting...wait, that's The Real World. Sorry! Anyway, we've got 12 gamers of various what-nots. Every week they are given a different game and it's that weekly game that make up the 3 challenges-a "Real Life" Challenge, an "Isolation" Challenge and finally, an "Elimination" Challenge where one gamer is sent home. Your illustrious hosts and contestants:

"Hi, I'm Karen from The Office and this is my co-host Jimmy Fallon"

Adande, Gamertag "Swoozie"

Kelly, Gamertag "MrsViolence"

"My contacts will burn a hole in your soul"
Robert, Gamertag "Prod1gy X"

Ciji, Gamertag "StarSlay3r"

Jamal, Gamertag "Zophar321"

chelsea, Gamertag "Delicate (<3)"

Mark, Gamertag "mMmapplesauce"

Amy, Gamertag "Athena"
(Also known as Valkryie, one of Ubisoft's Frag Dolls)

Geoff, Gamertag "INcontrol"

JD, Gamertag "KosherHamm"

Alyson, Gamertag "Nin9tyNin9"
(She will be made to be the dumb sexy blonde, mark my words)

Dante, Gamertag "DevilsAlastar"
(a game tester, he is the only non pro on the show)

Apparently Ciji knows Dante and has a crush on him (which made her cry to talk about it). So the Real Life Challenge for this week was to break up into 3 "bands". They then had to learn to play "New Kid in School" by the Donnas. (and the judges were...yup, The Donnas). The first place band won Ion drum sets and someone on the last place team would be up for elimination...sort of. (Cue tears from Ciji as she waits for the results) Long story short, the last place band was "Pandora Rox" made up of Amy, Alyson, Kelly and Robert. Alyson is a former Frag Doll (which is funny because her Frag Doll status is used on her profile at Scifi.com even though she's no longer on the team), Amy is a current Frag Doll (which is funny because her being a FD isn't even mentioned and she's using her PMS gamertag for the show) and Kelly is a member of the Frag Doll community. (Robert was just there to blind the audience with his ludicrous contacts)

Their loss had to be due to Alyson, who had no clue what the lyrics were (not that the others in the group were much better) and that brings me to a very important point: they all had back up bands playing "with" them! If the challenge is to see if you can play guitar in "real life", where's the realism if you have professional guitarists and drummers playing for them? Plus, half the time these people weren't even attempting to fake playing...Fail! Here's my theory: the producers realized that none of these people were going to be able to actually play their instruments and finally said, "Screw it, get musicians up there with them, no one's going to watch this show anyway".

Then comes the Isolation Challenge. Everyone's moved around into 3 new bands. They then go into the Matrix and play Rock Band 2 against each other to Lent's "My Own Worst Enemy". They're scored on a group total as well as their individual totals. The person with the last place score is up for elimination. And just who has the last place score? Our fabulous Robert of the Blinding Contacts.

Geez, this is a long entry...*deep breath*

So here's where the show got interesting. The person in first place gets to pick the person that will go head to head with the last place person. One of those gamers will get the boot, woo hoo! And just who is in first place? Why, Robert's friend Swoozie! Hmmmm, let the strategy begin...

Now Robert is a pretty solid gamer (even though he dropped a deuce on the first 2 challenges) so the smart thing to do would be to put Robert up against Ciji since she's one of the best Rock Band/Guitar Hero players around (even though she placed 5th in the Isolation Challenge). That way, Robert (big threat) would get the boot early, right? Well, never say that gamers don't have a heart (because apparently it's brains they don't have) because "Swoozie" chooses to "help his friend" Robert and put him up against JD, the one gamer there who is an expert in Sports games (read-plays Madden with his drunk Frat brothers) and who S-U-C-K-S at rhythm games.

I have to admit though that JD gives it the ole college try and at first stays neck and neck with Robert during the Elimination Challenge (song: Offspring's "Come Out and Play"). It's about 30 seconds into the challenge that they stop showing the scores because Robert is running circles around JD. Needless to say, JD is gone and Robert is safe for another week.

So if you're keeping score, here's where we're at so far and where I'm predicting we're going:

JD was eliminated
Ciji cries at everything
Alyson has a bad memory, fantastic boobs that defy gravity (I must know what kind of bras she buys!) and will be eliminated by episode 5
Robert has freaky douchy contacts
Chelsea looks like Jami Gertz
Mark and Jamal are boring
Dante will end up crying more that Ciji will before he's eliminated by episode 5
Geoff and Kelly are enjoying light flirtation that will come to nothing
Amy will get into a fight (at least yelling) and will end up in the top 4 at least

And there you have it! If you've made it this far, I salute you! Make sure to check by because I will be covering every episode.

As Karen from The Office told JD *dramatic look directly at camera* GAME OVER

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Guys and Dolls: Gaming Version

Since I don't have a lot of time to game now that Toot is here, I figured I'd watch other people play games. (And don't bother pointing out the irony of taking the time to watch others play games instead of playing them myself because I've already thought of that.) Anyhoo, get ready because March 10th it begins: WCG Ultimate Gamer a new reality show about gaming on SCI FI channel (And don't bother pointing out the irony of a gaming reality show being on the SCI FI channel because I've already thought of that.)

I'm going to give this show a go. (Rhymes FTW!) After all, the contenders include a Frag Doll, a former Frag Doll and a Frag Doll community member so it can't be that bad, eh? (Unless you don't like the Frag Dolls I suppose)

Wait...why isn't this show running on G4? (I'd make a disparaging remark about G4 here but they show Ninja Warrior so I'm going to cut them a break...this time...)

On with the show!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Obligatory "Cute Baby Plays Games" Pictures

Both codes have been given away, thanks all!

So everyone that games and has children does this at some point, why should I be any different?

"Wait, what is this for?"

"You're taking pictures again? Seriously?"

"Games are yummy."

She'll be killing zombies and destroying Covenant before you know it!

The Best Things In Games Are Free!

So today for your greedy gaming pleasure, I've got two codes up for grabs! One is for a bonus in game vehicle in Halo Wars (a custom flame decaled warthog) and the other is for the Gears of War 2 Flashback Map Pack. (Both are for the 360 obviously) Anyone interested? Hmmmm?

Let's make it fun! (for me, not necessarily for my fabulous readers, yes?) E-mail me at icandee360 at gmail dot com for your chance to win! You will need to give me your Xbox Live gamertag and answer this question:

Which code do you want?

How fun is that?! See, it's not so hard! Also, I will need to see a comment in this thread as well. Can't have you dropping by without saying hello, now can we? First come, first served!

P.S.-The codes should work but if they, by some freak chance, don't I will substitute with a new prize: my loyal friendship, a prize unto itself...

UPDATE: the Halo Wars code is gone, the Gears of War 2 map pack is still up for grabs!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Battlestar Galactrix

My sweet RuFfNeCk acquired the new Puzzle Quest game for the DS: Puzzle Quest Galactrix. For those of you that played the original Puzzle Quest on either the PSP, Xbox 360 or DS, here's a brand spanking new version...this time set in space! Oooooo!

The graphics are pretty par for the course and

there's a pretty good story line I guess except that

something really bugs me about the game

that I can't quite put my finger on

hmmmm...Oh well, I'm sure it'll come to me! Anyhoo, I'm still waiting on 25 comments on my welcome post. I will draw a random name out of those comments and they will win some fab gaming schwag from yours truly! (I was going to post a picture of said schwag but I'm too lazy. Maybe later!)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

ICandee, You Game 2: Electric Boogaloo

Well, here we are!

Welcome to the new home of ICandee, You Game! It's...




And yes, much cooler! I am still working on moving all of my archive posts from MSN Spaces to Blogspot (why did I blog so much over the past three years! ARGH!) but why make you wait any longer for my gaming no hows, er...know hows and various witty remarks?

Now, on with the update: RuFfNeCk is a "big wheel at the cracker factory" now called "Mr. Manager", ICandee Jr, our almost 5 month old gamer girl, turns over on a regular basis and my doctored 360 is still operating. All is right with the world...you know, I'm feeling generous...

So let's celebrate my grand reopening, eh? How about some free gaming schwag? Here's the deal: I just know that all of you missed me terribly while I was on the move and are just waiting with bated breath to welcome me back and wish me luck, yes? Good! I want to see 25 well wishes life on this post. Once we reach 25 comments, I will draw a name at random and that person will receive some gaming schwag goodness from yours truly. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors but you can only comment once so there it is! If we get 25 comments (or even over 25) there will be hell to pay! Wait...that's not right...

So press the "A" button and let's get started...
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