Monday, May 15, 2006

ICandee Jones and the Search for the Holy Achievement

Jewel Quest is coming along nicely if I do say so myself (and I do). It's amazing how dedicated I am to finishing this game when I've finally reached a point that would cause me to stop playing any other game: busy work.

I suppose in an effort to make the game longer or "more interesting", you reach a rank where you are literally playing each board twice in a row. In the beginning of the game you're matching jewels and artifacts to turn the squares gold and clear the board. As you go up in rank, you'll have partial pieces or "bad" pieces to get rid of which is no big deal and is nice because it mixes the gameplay up a little bit.

But the rank I'm on now is a joke. You have to get rid of the pieces to turn the squares silver then you have to turn the silver squares gold, which essentially is playing the board all over again...Sneaky snake of an Arcade game! I can only say that I will not complain too loudly because I only have two achievements left in this game, so I will do whatever it takes to finish this bad boy. Plus, I figure that I'll finish this long before I get my 10,000 kills achievement in GRAW.
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