Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Told You So!

It's so nice to have my feelings about games validated. Especially when it concerns the Excellent Game Psychonauts, which I try to get people to buy on a regular basis. Of course, what makes it even better is when said validation is put in such a witty witty way...

Please to enjoy

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Demo Derby

In between getting ready for the wedding (2 weeks!) and watching "Rock of Love" on VH1, I've been demoing a couple a games here and there and I have to say that some have been great and some not so much. One of my favorite aspects about gaming these days is that there usually are a lot of demos available for you to try before you spend your hard earned money (or allowance you get for free...I miss those days). Here's what I've been trying:

Beautiful Katamari: While some say this demo is too short and others say "WTF is this?", I say I still love Katamari and the simple 3 minute demo was glorious! I think what made this demo even better for me was the knowledge that I was playing on my 360...where there will be achievements! Online play! Beautiful HD graphics (?)! I'm actually really excited to hear the "all new soundtrack!" as the Katamari games get my vote for best soundtrack any day...

Hexic 2 (or whatever they call it): I am all about some Hexic: it's free, it's fun and I have played many hours of it (I think it's still the #1 game on my 360's blog). So when RuFfNeCk said, "Honey, Hexic 2's hitting the XBLA!" I knew it was going to be a good day...and then I downloaded the demo. Know how Coke and Pepsi keep coming up with all of these cockamamie flavors, like this one has vanilla, this has vitamins (yeah right), this one tastes like dirt...and while they may be legit flavors that do taste great, part of you can't help thinking, "What'd they change it for? The original was great!" Thus, my feelings about the new Hexic. It's not that the game is bad...It does have a battle mode which seems cool and maybe I'm just getting slow in my old gaming age, but it has so many different things you can make now (create a line? What the hell does that mean?!) that I was never sure what went where and why that explosion just happened and what I'm suppose to do now with the red thing I just "created". Add to that a board that seemed far away now for some reason and washed out graphics where I have trouble seeing and I'm one step away from shooing kids off my lawn with a broom. Unless you all feel the same way and then it's the game's fault...In conclusions, meh.

Bioshock: OK, I didn't really play this demo and those of you who read this blog at all know I am too wussy to play scary games. However, that doesn't stop me from watching RuFfNeCk play scary games and he played this demo...a lot. And I watched him play it...a lot. So far, best looking game ever and I don't really mean the graphics. I love the whole art deco 50's thing they've got going on...the look is great, the music is great, the creepiness is creepy and I am going to love watching RuFfNeCk play this game. We're thinking of decorating the game room in art deco and do some sort of mural on the walls to look like Bioshock (without the corpses everywhere though). But this demo...wowowowowow.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Yo Ho Yo Ho A Goomba's Life For Me

With just a couple more weeks until the wedding, starting a new job and trying to not be overwhelmed by the monster that is Disneyworld (our honeymoon destination), gaming has not been much of a priority for me sad to say (although once this blasted wedding is over, look out September Games, woo hoo!)

But I shouldn't complain, since my life could be a lot a Goomba's life for instance:

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