Friday, July 28, 2006

Day of the D'Oh!

Well, I hope everyone got to take a gander at the Comic Con Simpsons animatics I posted yesterday because Fox has gotten them taken off of You Tube for copyright issues. D'oh!

If I'm not mistaken, when Super Princess Peach came out for the DS, one of the main complaints about the game was that it was too easy. Either I was too cocky about the game once I read that or I just plain suck because it took me multiple tries just to get past the first boss. (Seriously, I mean WTF?!) D'oh!

I watched Super Size Me last night and decided I would never eat fast food again....Well, after today's lunch at Jack In The Box of course. D'oh!

In other news, it's that time again! Now presenting "ICandee's Random Pictures of NY" starring me, ICandee! Actually, I'm not in these pictures, (no, no...don't cry!) but they're still pretty cool I think. One of the costumes and some of the crystal/kryptonite props from Superman Returns. These are on display at Toys R Us in New York City.

Monday, July 24, 2006

The Joys Of Cloning

OK, I realize that I have not been updating much recently, but I have good reason: Cloning Clyde has taken over my brain. Must finish every challenge...must be under par time...must throw controller when I miss a jump and get sucked into that pipe again...What a great little game!

I watched Final Fantasy: Advent Children over the weekend. I have never played a FF game, but I read up on FF VII to make sure I halfway knew what was going on in the movie. I, of course had absolutely no idea what was going on even after reading about FF VII, but this is the prettiest movie I've seen in a long long time. Worth a rental at least in my most humble opinion.

For those that have asked about the Apple Store: it was very cool. The structure itself is amazing because all you see when you first look at it is a glass building with nothing in it. Once you walk in you see the stairs to take you down underground to the actual store. I don't really have any Apple/Mac products myself, but the store is very cool!

Speaking of New York: Time once again for "ICandee's Random Pictures of New York"! Check out this family of skunks on display at the American Museum of Natural History...yay taxidermy!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I Fought The GRAW and the GRAW Won...Again...

Last night we tried out a little "Firefight" co-op elimination in GRAW using the new maps and one of the re-lit maps. Once again it occured to me how much I want to marry this game and let it knock me up.

Slight wrinkle in the wedding plans however as Ubisoft is making it increasingly difficult for me to continue to defend them. When the Chapter 2 content was announced, we knew it would hurt in the points department, but when the final point price was given many gamer friends I know blew a gasket. Me, not so much for the simple fact that I love GRAW and am willing to pay whatever for new content. I also felt that developers have every right to ask for money for content they've spent time making and although spending those points hurt, I thought it was well worth it seeing as how I worship this game.

Unfortunately I have since found out that if you do not have the Chapter 2 content (which some gamers have chosen not to buy simply on principle), you cannot join any host's game if they do have the content. This applies even when the host is using the old maps. You can host a game, but you cannot join anyone else's if they have the new content. The reason I know this is that one of my friends does not have the DLC for GRAW. When he was having trouble joining games he contacted Ubisoft Support and was informed:

Unfortunately, you will not be able to connect to servers that have the DLC purchased. There are no plans to change this feature at this time."

Oh Ubisoft...silly game company...please quit giving my friends ammunition with which to shoot your foot with, it's becoming hard to defend ye.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

ICandee Takes Manhattan

No, you are not seeing things...I am home! Did you miss me? Yes, I'm sure you all did. Well, cry no more...I have returned to you! And I have returned with pictures. Hopefully I can blog more about my trip after I unpack which means you'll be hearing from me again in about 3-6 weeks. Enjoy!

Some pictures from Nintendo World in NYC: some bling bling DS-es and a Gameboy that was in a barracks that was bombed in the Gulf War. It still works!

Frogger It All To Hell!

Frogger has invaded the Arcade!. When it was first announced that we would be getting Frogger I thought, "Woo hoo! Classic fun!" I fondly remembered all the fun times at Pizza Hut begging my parents for quarters so I could play Frogger, Qbert and Donkey Kong Jr. while we waited for the pizza to arrive. I can still see the table top machine for Donkey Kong Jr with Qbert and Frogger set up in the corner. (Those were the days when you could walk off to another section of a restaurant by yourself wearing a t-shirt with your name ironed on the back in puffy letters and "strangers" or being kidnapped didn't even cross our parents minds.) Ah, good times...

What I didn't remember about Frogger was how frakking &*#%& mother *!$%&^ angry it makes me. Oh that's right, if I even slightly brush the corner then my frog won't go into the slot and he'll die! Yes, yes frogs can't swim, how silly of me to jump into the water! What?! I totally made that jump you sorry sack of...Anyway, I pride myself being as lady like as possible, but I think the cursing I did yesterday while playing Frogger ripped a hole in the Time/Space continuum. I was jumping around and shouting obscenities like Yosemite Sam. Video games rule!

In conclusion, I'm glad I bought Frogger but I hate it with a passion.

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