Monday, May 29, 2006

Podcasts, Pron and Free Schwag

For a larf, I decided to Google "ICandee" and see what came up. Actually, my blog here was the second thing on the list which was very cool. Some of the other things on the list were somewhat surprising and now I really really really wish I had: a. been able to get the gamertag "ICandy" like I originally wanted and b. never Googled my gamertag. Ah well, lesson learned.

In gaming news, I didn't touch my 360 last night and now I'm going through withdrawls. But I did listen to the latest podcast over at XBL Radio. It's actually a really good podcast. There was a comment made that Geometry Wars was the only "must have" game for the Xbox Live Arcade which I heartily disagree with, but it's still a good podcast.

GameSpot has a cool article "Pieces of Flair" which talks about the good, bad and ugly in gaming apparel. They're also having contest where you can win a "Bag 'O Schwag" from E3.

Happy Memorial Day everyone!
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