Friday, May 5, 2006

Crap, It's Joanna! Everyone Act Like You're Busy...

Old News: I have a love/hate relationship with Perfect Dark Zero. Well,'s a "like/hate" relationship. I'm sure you have noticed my erratic blog entries: One day I make fun it, then I like it, then I hate it, then I accept it, etc. and so forth. When we last left off, I was mad at PDZ due to some ridiculous co-op "non-killing baddies rocket launcher" issue.

Talk has been swirling around about new bots and new maps. Looks like the new bots are here in an auto update. Here's a little bit more info, courtesy of Major Nelson:

DarkOps Bots. AI-controlled Bots are no longer relegated to DeathMatch games. Now they can challenge human players in any of the DarkOps multiplayer games. Just like in DeathMatch games, Bots can be used in either Live games or in offline games.

Additional AI variants for Bots. The PDZ team was not satisfied with just one version of Bot AI. Now a total of eight Bot Personalities are available. Is someone dominating everyone else in a match? Send a Judge Bot after them. Want to add chaos and confusion? Add some Feud Bots into the mix.

Vanilla = Original Bot AI.
Ghost = Invisible apart from when firing its weapon.
Judge = Attacks the player with the most kills.
Bully = Attacks the player with the least kills.
Venge = Attacks the last person that killed them.
Feud = Chooses a new random target on each spawn and hunts them down.
Prey = Picks on the player with lowest armor and health.
Random = Uses a random Bot Personality.

I am actually excited to try these bots out as I seem to enjoy "us against the AI" rather than a regular Deathmatch. And I think that, at least in theory, these bots sound like a good idea. Let's just hope they work correctly. Alright, so fine...I like Perfect Dark Zero again. At least for now...

Tune in next week when I will once again loathe this game.

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