Thursday, May 11, 2006

Trailers and Demos and Themes Oh My!

As I'm sure all of you have been waiting to hear my impressions on the newest additions to the Xbox Live Marketplace, congratulations...your wait is over! Here's part of what I've been downloading from the Marketplace this week:

Halo 3 Teaser Trailer: I was thinking of passing on this one until I got an voice message from Microsoft saying that if I failed to download this trailer, my 360 would be confiscated and I would be forced to buy the premium PS3 priced at $600. I quickly obeyed. This looks (what else?) fantastic. I actually got chills by the end of it...Halo music gets me everytime. Yay Bungie!

Viva Pinata Trailer: Yes, yes, yes! How cute is this game? It's so cute I went right up to my 360 and squeezed the preciousness right out of it. I can build a disco for my pinatas??? I'll have them doing the Hustle in no time! This game is goes right on my list of "ICandee's Don't Need to Read Anything Else About It, I'm Buying it on Day One List" This game is Far Cry's Map Editor dipped in sugar and deep fried in chocolate. Yay Disco!

DOA X2 Video (2 min version): This video is amazing! I am a DOA fan anyway, but I adore DOA Extreme Beach volleyball for the Xbox. Now I'm getting a new one! Not only is it going to be for my 360, but will now include what looks to be jet skiing, tug of war, and more shopping? Woo hoo! Unfortunately, the girls of DOA now have breasts that instead of bouncing together, do this very creepy "alternating bounce" thing. *shudder* I ran around the house this morning just to test this and I'm sorry guys, but they only bounce in unison. I hope that is just part of the video because it looks bizarre. Add this one to my "Sold!" list as well. Yay Boobs!

Fable 2: Bring it! Yes, yes I know...This is totally pre-rendered, no play shown, etc and so forth...So what?!?! This looks great and I cannot wait for this to drop! It looks like there may be a possibility of playing a chick this time around. Woo! Please let this be good, please let this be good, please don't let Lionhead frak with the original formula too much...Yay Sequels!

Adidas, Xbox Live, X-Men Gamer Pics and Themes: Free, free, free. They could post a gamer picture of someone's butt and if it's free, I'm gonna download it. Yay Sponsors!

UNO: Only 400 points? No brainer...This is one of the best things they ever did for the Arcade. (At least until I get my grubby gamer hands on Pac-Man, Contra and Street Fighter) Nice soothing music, check. Fun colorful graphics, check. Profanity for when I get multiple draw fours and skip cards laid on me in one round, check and double check! Yay F-Word!

More impressions to come as I continue in my quest to get rid of every available inch of space on my 360's hard drive, until then...Good night and good luck (getting things downloaded)

Yay Live!

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