Friday, January 29, 2010

Do They Sell Shootable Boots At Payless?

Anyone who says that having a kid doesn't change your gaming habits is either lying, they're just lying. Although I'm starting to think that it's not time that is against you, kids cause a priority shift that if you're not diligent in shifting some of that to gaming, you might as well turn in your gamer Members Only jacket. Sometimes it's not so much that you want to game and can't, it's you could game but now have other things you'd rather do...bah, it's all a big ole mess.

All that to say that gaming around here (for me anyway, RuFfNeCk seems to be gaming away just fine) has been lacking of late until a saucy wench strolled into my life, accent blaring and shoes blazing. Oh Bayonetta, where have you been all my life?

Long time readers of this blog know that they can find bigger and better reviews and articles about this game everywhere. I focus on my thoughts of the game, such as they are and my travels in them. Bayonetta is vicious, fast paced, butt slapping fun. Period. Her boots have guns attached to the back of them so instead of old school "double wielding" I can now realize my long time dream of "quadruple wielding" which is awesome and should be in every game from now on.

If there's one thing I love (read: need) in my games, it's as many bullets at one time as possible. Sneaking around, making an attack plan and sniping enemies is something I leave to patient gamers. Anyone who has ever played with me knows I need lots of bullets and the sometimes suicidal (okay mostly always suicidal) need to run straight into the middle of enemies, guns (and Bayonetta shoes) blllllllllllazing.


Where was I? Oh right, Bayonetta. So anyway, just play it. It's awesome graphic fun. Plus, we meet this guy in the game:

His name is "Luka". He lives on the second floor. He lives upstairs from you. I guess you think you've seen him before...Plus, Bayonetta's suit is apparently made of hair that turns into big giant animal things that kill other things. See, I should totally be writing for Game Informer.

Game on!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Let's Get It On 2010!

A brand new year means brand new games! A new year to be filled with grenades, flame throwers and guns with many many bullets. Plus more katamari! More health potions! More braaaaaaains! And if there is truly a God, a sequel!

Yeah, yeah that's probably asking too much but it was better than Bloodrayne and that got a sequel so why not dream big?

Where was I?

Oh right, new year's stuff. Anyhoo, here's to 2010 and my hope that I can actually play some games this year!

Game on everyone!
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