Saturday, April 1, 2006

X Marks the Spot

Being April Fool's Day and all, I thought I'd post some sort of witty, well thought out scheme to trick y'all but it's just too early in the morning to be witty so I thought I'd gush about Far Cry Instincts' map editor instead. Sorry April 1st!

I love the map editor. It's as simple as that. I played a few multiplayer rounds the first night I got the game and other than that, it's been all about the map editor. This has been my first experience with this type of game function and now I wish it came with every game. The controls are very intuitive and easy to master. I was checking out a friend's map yesterday and he mentioned how he usually goes for asthetic first, then figures out how to make the map functional. This of course set off a brain storm and I immediately started a new improved map that currently I am still working on. I'm excited to get one done and have my friends check it out.

So between making Far Cry maps and trying to get my last achievement in Hexic (ARGH!), I've barely played online with anyone at all. I like to think they all sit around in the game lobby, crying manly tears while remembering all the good times they had with me. They probably all miss me dearly and don't have half as much fun. (Obviously too much map editing has given me delusions of grandeur)

In conclusion, go make some maps, have a great April 1st and beware friends offering you gum (it's probably ink or explosive or something).
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