Friday, April 14, 2006

Raiders of the Lost Mummy

The Action/Adventure hybrid tends to be my favorite in terms of video games. There's usually a nice mix of puzzles, combat and platforming. 360 owners were able to open with Kameo and Tomb Raider: Legend has finally arrived.

Now we can add one more to the list apparently. According to a blurb at, a new action/adventure game is coming to the 360 in Q4 2007 (2007!?)- The Shadow of Aten:

The Shadow of Aten is a 3D Action/Adventure multiplatform game in which the player assume the role of a new hero, Allan Scott. He is an attractive and enigmatic adventurer who will go deep into the fascinating and mysterious world of Ancient Egypt. The Shadow of Aten is set in the attractive and ambiguous environment of Egypt in the 1930s , full of mysteries, dazzling treasures, half-truths and hidden dangers. The elaborate plot is based on real facts about the worship of the god Aten, the first monotheism of mankind.

(And you get to ride a camel it seems). My first thought is picturing some sort of cross between The Mummy and Indiana Jones. Looks interesting to me already! Supposedly this game will be shown in some form at E3 in May. If anyone else knows anything else about this game, I would love to hear it!
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