Friday, April 28, 2006

My Freak Flag Is Finally Flying!

As some of you have been nice enough to already notice, I have indeed added a new banner to my blog-o-rama. Finally! I have been beating myself over the head trying to get this thing of beauty up and it's finally finished.

I just realized today that the sandbox module only comes up in Internet Explorer not Mozilla Firefox. Once I figured that out, I switched to IE and got it up and running. The actual banner itself was made with Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro 7. The cartoon "doll" of sorts came as a base (read: naked bald chick) from and I used PSP and PS to add hair, clothes, etc. I snatched a picture of a 360 controller and animated it (thanks to RuFfNeCk for finding one small enough for me to use) and voila! Instant cuteness on my blog!


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