Wednesday, April 26, 2006

PDZ Hates Me (And Other Acts of Kindness)

Perfect Dark Zero was already #1 on my list of "Most Disappointing Games" when it was released, primarily due to bad character models, bad voice acting, shaky gameplay and 20,000 bullets to kill one bot in multiplayer. It wasn't that the game was horrific or anything, but I was really hoping it would be better than it was, especially considering it was a 360 launch title.

This opinion changed somewhat when I started playing the game in co-op. A not so hot game is one thing when you're playing alone. This one actually became decently fun when played with another person. Or so I thought...

Enter Mission 5 or as I like to call it, "The Seventh Portal of Hell". Okay, that was probably a little overboard but I feel betrayed. At first I kept my frustration to myself because I didn't want to seem "whiny" simply because I wasn't good enough to get through the mission alive. But by the 4th time we both died, RuFfNeCk finally said, "I need to take a break, this is really frustrating me!" Whew! I didn't feel so bad after least it wasn't just me.

Now, I'm sure there are plenty of people out there that beat this mission no problem and think that I'm a total wimp for complaining about this. Let me just say: It's not that the mission is in itself difficult. That would be one thing. It's the fact that two people in a hovercraft with a rocket launcher should not be able to be killed so easily by baddies on the shore, shooting BB guns. The fact that I wasn't the only one frustrated by this both comforted me and gave me pause.

I've noticed on message boards like, a lot of people will post their frustrations regarding various sections of whatever game they are playing, ask for some help getting through it and they undoubtedly get hammered with rude, arrogant posts by know-nothing-know-it-alls including comments like, "That was teh esiest prt! Youra teh loser! Quite whinning beo-tch! I got throogh it fin u jst cant play games" etc and so forth. This mystifies me quite frankly. Yes, yes I realize that most of these fools are children but the lack of class, courtesy and helpfulness is something that always irritates me. It makes me want to find the answer for them (even if I've never heard of the game) and post something sweet to make them feel better.

What does all of that have to do with me loathing PDZ at the moment (I'm sure it will win back some affection from me, I can never stay made at my games for long)? Not a darn thing. But here's what can be considered a point (and quite possibly a lecture):

If someone is asking a question and needs help (if you know the answer), please answer them graciously. If you feel the question is stupid, needless or it just plain irritates you, please don't answer at all. Just be the bigger person and be kind whenever you can...

*sniff* I think I'm tearing up...What a sweet little blog entry...*sniff*

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