Sunday, April 23, 2006

Living The Dream

The other night while playing GRAW, we all decided to replay the Wharf co-op mission for any of those that hadn't completed it yet. I have to admit, the Wharf mission is not my favorite one to play. I couldn't really tell you why exactly, I just know that I shudder everytime the host picks that one.

As most of you know, my Boss got me into gaming and it's his friends that I've sort of commandeered as my own so we play together quite a bit. We had cleared out all of the enemy camps and it was on to the docks to finish up the mission. I always go extreme left and around but for some reason I went the next path over to where that short stone wall is. I'm always paranoid at this first entry to the docks because the AI gets smart at times and sneaks up around that wall. So I decide to be proactive, brave and true and start heading around that wall. And a baddie is there! Totally not even looking in my direction! So I draw in a breath...wait until I'm right at his head...Take aim and...realize a split second after I pull the trigger and before the bullet hits that it wasn't a baddie, it was one of my own team mates!

In conclusion, I shot my boss right in the head.

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