Saturday, April 15, 2006

ICandee Croft, Tomb Raider

I decided to rent Tomb Raider: Legend yesterday and I am glad that I did. This game is quite a bit of fun. Previously, I had attempted to play a PSOne TR game and that lasted about 5 minutes because I couldn't even get through the training session. Controlling Lara was an absolute nightmare and I admire anyone who played and beat that game!

But now we are the next generation and I am happy to report that Lara never looked better. This game is pretty and the only real issue I can think of is that I really don't like the camera. What should be simple jumps can be a little frustrating due to the camera alone. (I'd say 95% of my health loss is due to missing jumps. lol) That being said however, I'm happy with the game and am really enjoying it. I am about 36% of the way through the game and so far it's been simple to get into and learn the controls. (Although I always forget to cut my light on in dark caves. lol)

The interactive cutscenes are a nice touch, which was also a part of RE4. I'm very glad they added this feature as it keeps you on your toes during cutscenes and adds to the gameplay. All in all, for anyone that likes this type of game (again, it seems to be the action/adventure hybrid I like to play), it's definitely worth at least a rental.
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