Thursday, April 6, 2006

How Is She Not Covered in Bug Bites?

The Tomb Raider: Legend demo hit the Marketplace yesterday. It took me about 30 minutes to get it downloaded but I had fun playing through it a couple of times. It needs a little polish, but I'm sure they handled that in the finished game which is coming out soon. The graphics were nice looking and I was able to jump right in controlling Lara, using her gadgets and shooting the bad guys. I will definitely be checking out the game (probably a rental).

In other news, Kameo has finally gone co-op over Xbox Live. Woo hoo! Now the only wrinkle to this in my mind is that the entire game is not accessible for co-op play. You get 6 "missions" or areas from the game that you can play with another person over Live. To get access to these 6, you have to unlock them through the single player game. But hey, at least we get something, right? This game is perfect for co-op so I can't wait to try these out on Live.

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