Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Lighter Side of Gaming

I wish I had Marble Blast Ultra Chick's job. How cool would that be to go into work and all you had to do was say:

"Checkpoint...mega marble...super speed...gyrocopter...ultra blast..."

I'd like to meet her one day and asked how she got that job. I'd make a good power up announcer girl for games I bet.

BTW, here's something fun to do in MBU if you and a friend are bored.

1. Open a room in Marble Blast Ultra with a friend

2. Both go find the "Super Speed" power-up

3. Head to the end of a big expanse and then face each other

4. Super speed towards each other and see which one of you gets knocked back the farthest.

*It's also fun to act like you picked up the Super Speed when you really picked up Mega Marble. Hit the trigger right when you get up on them and they go flying! Muwahahahaha!

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