Sunday, April 2, 2006

So Many Maps, So Little Time

Last night I was actually interacting with people online. Imagine that! OK, I have to be honest here, I was chatting with a friend for about 3-4 hours while we worked on Far Cry maps and then spent the rest of our time publishing them and checking them out. At one point it became clear to us that we could actually play Far Cry but why should we do that when map editing is so much fun? I never thought I would say this about a game but Far Cry was worth the $60 simply for the map editor. I've barely touched the single or multiplayer games.

In other news, I was babysitting for my boss last night and took my 360 hard drive with me to hook up to his 360. We had heard that you could do this and last night it was time for experimenting. Success! I hooked up my hard drive to his 360 and it was seamless. It went immediately to my gamertag for Xbox Live login and I had access to all of my saves. It's so nice when a theory gets proven, is it not?
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