Saturday, June 24, 2006

That Really Sticks In My G.R.A.W.

Oh baby, GRAW Chapter 2 is in the Marketplace and after attempting to download it for 3 years I was finally able to get it around 5 in the morning. (Actually, I just re-started the download and went back to bed) So now it is mine, all mine! Sidenote: They show really cool episodes of the X-Files on TNT early in the morning. I mean the really cool ones, not the ones with all the government crap, I mean like the ones with inbreeding and the amputee that left his body to kill people...Rock on classic X-Files!

Anyhoo, despite playing for 2 or 3 hours and still not completing the Coffee Plantation mission, I am loving the new content. I even got to play with some Spacers last night which was fun. All in all, $15 is quite a lot of change to spend on downloadable content, but for GRAW I'll spend it gladly. Ghost Recon, I salute thee!
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