Wednesday, June 21, 2006

ICandee's Top Five: You Tube Edition

In lieu of any actual gaming, I decided to post entries involving my Top Fives. In this first edition I want to share some of my favorite You Tube videos. Instead of embedding them, I've listed the links for you. Most are older and you've probably seen them a million times but like an episode of The Simpsons, they never really get old, yes?

1. How To Talk Smack Over Xbox Live
This one is so well done. It's a spoof on those old 50's educational films they used to show in schools. This video is about smack talking using Halo 2. Very funny!

2. Marble Blast Level 60 in Under a Minute
I've seen this one more than a dozen times and it still amazes me. I can't even finish this one with no time limit, much less getting it done under par (which is 3:30), much less getting it done in less than a minute. I bow to thee oh Gaming One!

3. Napoleon Dynamite meets Halo
This one has been floating around a lot lately but it's still worth another look. Basically this one uses Halo to recreate the bike scene in Napoleon Dynamite using the Napoleon audio from the movie. I'm a big Napoleon fan so I enjoy this one quite a bit.

4. Let the Console War Begin
There was only one thing worth watching during G4's "coverage" of this year's E3 and this segment is it. Funniest representation of Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo to date in my mind.

5. The Daily Show on Congress and Video Games
I just caught this today. John Stewart's hit on Congress and the current political climate of video games. Classic!

And there you have it! My current Top Five Favorite You Tube videos. If any of you have any other gaming You Tube favorites, let me know!
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