Saturday, June 17, 2006

Adventures in High Def Babysitting

Tonight I am off to babysit for my boss. His wife's birthday is today and they are renting a party bus to go downtown with a bunch of friends. Now you may be thinking to yourselves, "Poor ICandee, stuck babysitting while the rest of us get to play games...what a sucker!" Well you would be wrong my friend, terribly wrong.

The kids go to bed about 8:00 which is about the time I'll be getting there. My 360 hard drive is in my purse and ready to go and tonight I will get to play games on this:

That's right, my boss' 57" Toshiba CRT rear projection HDTV widescreen started acting up a few months ago and he had an extended warranty. They never came out to fix it so he got them to pony up for a 60" Sony 3LCD. So up goes the sort of still working 57" to the kid's playroom and yours truly will be playing all night on the newest TV hotness. Check out this screenshot of GRAW he took on the new TV and this is just taken with a digital camera (I resized it smaller so it doesn't look quite as smashing as in his thread at

*drool* I love babysitting...
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