Friday, June 2, 2006

Backwards Schmackwards

There's a lot I want to tell you guys about, but I think that I'll just start with one topic at a time and add as I go today.

My thoughts on Microsoft bailing backwards compatibility. You know what? I really don't care about backwards compatibility. Yes, this kind of stinks but since I've gotten my 360 I've barely played any of the games that are currently BC, much less dying for others to be added to the list. Now, I would love to have say Psychonauts on that list, but let's be realistic here, I would probably play through one level if that and never touch it again. I really don't blame Microsoft for bailing on this. I would much rather have them focusing on new games to give me than old games, that while good and I would love to have available, I wouldn't play much anyway.

Case in point, I love Jade Empire and it's BC. How many times has it been played on my 360? Zip. Fable The Lost Chapters? Nada. I kept my original Xbox to play those games that didn't end up BC and it's currently collecting dust on my shelf. I love DOA Extreme Beach Volleyball, but with the new one coming out (hopefully) soon, why do I need to worry about the first one not being BC? If it's a choice between playing my original Xbox and playing on my 360...You'll always find me on my 360.

There are great games that will never be BC on the 360. It's regrettable but I'll survive. I'm much more interested in games coming for the 360 than getting my panties in a twist over Microsoft not letting me play old ones via BC. As far as I'm concerned, the important ones (i.e. the Halo and Ghost Recon games) are already up and running so I'm content.
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