Friday, March 17, 2006

That's What Friends Are For...

OK, I've been debating with myself over whether or not to post a blog about friend requests. Mainly because I wanted to make sure I didn't come across as mean or rude or whatever. So here's the issue and hopefully I've come up with a good solution:

I have gotten a few friends requests recently and I'm always happy to get them. Unfortunately, unless I recognize the gamertag or one of my friends knows the person, I won't accept the request. The reasoning behind this is not that I'm a snob or anything, it's simply a matter of priority. I've never played any game publicly on XBL, choosing to stay with the people that I already know I love playing with. I'm always happy to add to that list, but again, I really need to know that person. I've tried sending messages first such as, "Thanks for the invite, do I know you?" but I feel like that comes across bitchy. I'm not trying to fill up my list and I really only like to have people on it that I play with on a regular basis.

So to anyone that has sent me a friend request and I've declined it: Nothing personal, I'm sure you're a great person! If anyone would like to send me a friend request, please feel free to stop by and introduce yourself. It's a great place to get to know (half-way) mature gamers and from that you're sure to meet a lot of great people.

In conclusion, I hate turning down friends requests. It makes me feel bad and I don't like that feeling. How do you handle this?
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