Monday, March 6, 2006

Does The Outfit Make My Butt Look Big?

I just tried The Outfit demo tonight. Never having played a strategy type game before I was totally lost to say the least. But thanks to yet another TehBias darling who patiently explained everything to me, I ended up winning a round. Yay for me!

It took me a while to understand that once you bought a machine gun, for instance, red smoke billows and then the plane drops it and an extra guy to man it. Not knowing this got me killed when I was crushed by the dropping crate...sheesh...Note for next time: Stay away from all smoke...I also didn't realize that if the other side took over my radio tower that they could wire tap me and hear everything I said. Needless to say, he got an earful of me saying, "What the crap is going on?" "Where am I?" "Oh hell, what am I suppose to be doing???"

All in all, it was pretty fun. I can't wait to try it out with a full room. I don't think I'll be throwing down $60 for the full game, but the demo is a nice snack before Ghost Recon drops in a few days...

Gooooooo Allies!
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