Saturday, March 18, 2006

Know When to Walk Away, Know When to Run

Last night we had decided to play through the Wharf mission for those that hadn't already completed it. Picture this: From 9 people, we're down to just three of us left. I am one of those three. We're on the wharf itself and one guy breaks off to complete the intel part of the mission while me and another guy head off to destroy the two caches that are left. Order of the day, to stay as far back as possible, sniping the path clear for us to get close enough to the boxes. We're all doing great until I see something hurtling towards us. Grenade! Which is exactly what I yell to warn my friend while I'm trying to run away. Turns out I didn't run fast enough and that frickin' grenade took us both out, leaving one person to finish off the mission. Eight of us are watching him, screaming various things at the screen (which of course he can't hear): "Run!" "To your left!" and so on...

Miracles of miracles, he pulls it off and it's mission complete. Amazing! He was totally surrounded at one point and he survived! It was awesome!

In conclusion, I heart G.R.A.W.

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