Thursday, March 9, 2006

ICandee + G.R.A.W.=BFF

When I try to think of how to describe mulitplayer in Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter, a few choice words/phases come to mind:

Freakin' Awesome
Sleep Deprivation
Incredibly Fun
Beautiful Graphics
Great Sound
Where's The Beef?

OK, that last one was a joke (and I just dated myself horribly there) but you get the picture. G.R.A.W. online is amazingly fun. I logged on about 7pm last night and logged off around 1am this morning. We tried out as many of the different modes as we could get in and they were all a blast to play. I personally didn't experience any lag although I was dropped from the game a couple of times when 16 of us tried to play a mission. (Which totally f*&!$ed my try at the 8 hours straight online achievement!)

Various times during the night we had anywhere from 3 to 16 people playing. The maps are freakin' huge and it was great fun getting lost or running right up on someone and getting shot in the face. Not all was roses however when, right at the end of a mission with three of us left, I threw a grenade which promptly bounced off a tree, landed right in front of me and wasted us all. Whoops! Luckily I play with some very cool guys and I was quickly forgiven. (But I did lose all grenade privileges)

Other than that slight setback, I did pretty well for myself. I think that first person controls with a third person perspective somehow tricks me into thinking the controls are easier which is fine by me! Everyone was in a great mood, we all worked together and had one of the best times online ever in my opinion. I can't wait for tonight, all is right with the world!

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