Sunday, March 26, 2006

Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend

Finally! We embarked on some co-op missions in Ghost Recon 2 last night. It was...well I had a lot of...Hmmm...

OK, total honesty here: The 360 has spoiled me. More specifically, G.R.A.W has spoiled me. I had fun with Ghost Recon 2 last night but I now wished I had played this before playing multiplayer in Advanced Warfighter. Where are my red diamonds to help locate enemies??? Last night I could barely see any bad guys until they were right on top of me. At one point I started shooting just so it would look like I was shooting at something. Night vision wasn't much help either. *laughs*

Another thing I've noticed: Whenever I play a BC Live game on the 360, I can barely hear my friends at all. That can be frustrating when someone's telling you there's a baddie right behind you and you can't hear them. I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it being a BC game or not.

In Oblivion news, I started a new game, this time as a Nord. I also created my own custom class with I named, "Amazon". Here's the rub: I am a heavily combat character but all I've done so far is hang out in towns and finish quests that don't have combat in them. *sigh* I think I messed up again. D'oh! Ah well, the game is still great and I'll get around to killing more than just wolves at some point...

Speaking of which, check out a great new blog by "Berian", a fellow Nord journaling his adventures through the Oblivion gates. The link is under "Groovy Blogs". Enjoy!
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