Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Perfect Dark Zero to Hero

Last night the TehBias guys and I decided to give Perfect Dark Zero another chance in the multiplayer department. It's not that MP is bad per se but with limited maps and about 1,000 layers of amour to blow away, it hasn't been all that much fun.

So last night we ended up with about 8 people I believe and it was actually a blast! (Imagine that) One round we ended up with nothing but rockets and after "suiciding" myself (seems you can't shoot out of small windows, who knew?) I jumped right in and managed to score a few hits. I also ended the night with the "10 Headshots" and "10 Minutes Survived" achievements. Go me! Although I have to admit that my 10 minutes survived was probably due to the fact that I got lost during an onslaught match and didn't get to where the action was until it was over. Stupid labyrinth of a map!

So I'm rethinking my trade in of PDZ...sort of...With all the cash I'm going to have to shell out next week I may have to say goodbye to Joanna Dark regardless of actually having fun in MP last night.
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