Tuesday, February 7, 2006

"Can't Someone Else Do It?"

It occurs to me that in high school, I was a big procrastinator. If I paper was due, you'd usually find me sitting outside the room finishing it right before I had to turn it in. I still got good grades, but it just goes to show that a leopard never forgets...no wait...oh forget it. : P

In other news, TehBias has a new podcast up, this time on the biggest disappointments in gaming for 2005. It's a great podcast, but I was kind of hoping that they would mention their disappointment at no one buying Psychonauts last year. It's still a "bleeping" good podcast however. (PDZ's armor was mentioned...it's not just me! Yes!)

In other, other news, I forgot to water my red turnip last night and it's gone today. Freakin' watering! Why Animal Crossing Wild World...WHY?!?! They should have named it Animal Crossing Water World...
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