Wednesday, February 8, 2006

Jack and Jill Go Up a Silent Hill

I watched the trailer for the new Silent Hill movie today and a thought occured to me: Are there video game purists who will accept (and like) the obvious changes to the story/characters? In the game you play as Harry Mason going on vacation with your daughter, but in the movie the main character is now a mother driving a sick daughter around, looking for a cure for her .

I know that when it comes to books being adapted into movies, they rarely deliver. Especially books with a dedicated, rabid fan base. For instance, I liked the book "Hannibal" but the movie was a trainwreck IMO. Will it be the same for hardcore Silent Hill fans? Or are we already assuming that this movie will be as bad as every other video game to movie ( then direct to DVD) conversion and what does it matter anyway?

BTW, way to go Sean Bean for sticking with the book to movie scripts. From Boromir in LOTR to this. Wasn't he also in Doom? No wait...that was Eomer...As a matter of fact, Elijiah Wood did 3 book to movies: LOTR, Sin City and Everything is Illuminated...hmmm...Yay tangents!
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