Friday, February 10, 2006

Xbox Live and the Death of Single Player

The Frag Dolls have issued a challenge on their forum for the New Year: Finish the Old Games First, where you finish at least 3 games you've started before buying any new ones. Interesting...

I am woman enough to admit that I am a ADD Buffet-style gamer. I get distracted easily by new games, upcoming games, etc. In the almost year and a half I've been gaming, I've finished 6 games out of I don't know how many I've started. It's not that the games aren't good, but rarely does a game hook me to the point that I don't want to play anything else. (Psychonauts being the exception to this.) And this was before XBox Live...

Now that I'm online, the single player doesn't appeal to me all that much anymore. I find it hard to get into a single player without hearing, "Haha, killed you!" or "That's what she said" or "I can't 'beep'ing believe you 'beep'ing killed me again, stupid 'beep'hole with your 'beep' 'blank' 'beep' bull'bleep'!" blaring in my ear. I miss the good natured trash talk and ribbing when I try to play alone.

But no more! I am intrigued by this challenge and have decided to accept it. February is a bust for anything new but March is on the way! So until then, I have to be disciplined and motivated. I have to persevere and finish those games I have started. I have to not be distracted and look forward to a sense of accomplishment as I forgo XBox Live goodness and march on to glory of finishing...oh look! A bird!
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