Monday, February 6, 2006

FPS=First Person Shot (Me)

Let's face it, XBox is a FPS fan's dream come true. Most hardcore XBox Live players are all about the FPS. So I thought I'd join in the fray and "get my frag on". Big mistake. I have as much confidence in my gaming skills as the next person, but I'm also an honest woman: I suck at first person shooters. I'm not being coy or looking for compliments. I'm talking about dying and respawning every 5 seconds.

It probably didn't help that my first experience online was with Perfect Dark Zero, a game where you have to shoot off about 50 layers of armor before anyone bites the dust (at least in regards to the AI bots). I believe they added this feature in to get people to work on their headshots and therein lies the problem (at least for me).


I cannot aim quick enough to get in anything better than some kneecap shots. I am very good at warning shots though. You know, when you shoot over someone's head to get them to back off? Unfortunately, that only seems to work for old farm geezers trying to scare off teens from stealing their corn or making out in the barn. What I need are some destructible environments. That way when my shot is too high (which it frequently is), it would hit a tree branch that would fall on top of the person below I was trying to shoot in the first place and maybe they could die that way...Or I could just practice...Crap...

I have gotten a few headshots in, but it's been mostly when another player runs right on top of me and I just keep shooting until I hit something or run out of ammo at which time I just start pitching empty guns at them and run away.

Which is not to say I don't have fun playing a FPS online with my friends. But I would like to see my gamertag somewhere besides the bottom of the list at the end of a round...Or at least be able to get a "Most Respawns Ever" achievement of some sort...

So tonight I'll be doing homework..."Halo Homework". Sheesh, didn't I graduate high school to get away from homework? Ah well, it's either that or play Zuma by my lonesome while everyone else has fun without me in Ghost Recon. They would encourage me to play anyway, good or not, but I think that's just because I'm an easy headshot count for them...Can't blame them for that! So tonight I'm going to frag like it's 1999!

*(I just earned a 5 point Live achievement for the above Prince reference)
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