Tuesday, February 7, 2006

It's Fragtastic!

Well, I played some more Halo 2 tonight. It was pretty fun actually. It's a lot easier to drive a warthog when you are envisioning it as a Katamari. I didn't stop driving for the most part. I just ran over as many of the Covenant as I could and kept right on going...In your face eternal confinement! (Fable joke)

Anyhoo, I was driving a tank-type vehicle through a tunnel at one point and "accidently" blew up a warthog I needed for later. Oops! Well, it was dark in there! It was still drivable, but then I realized that I had parked the tank in front of the little ramp I needed to drive up so...

Get out of the warthog...check. Get into the tank...check. Back up the tank so it's not in my way...check. Get back into the warthog I blew up that's still on fire so I can get the heck up outta here...check.

The most humiliating part was hearing some guy say, "Let Master Chief handle it". Oh yeah, Master Chief handled that one real nice...Not to mention the one time I died because some Covenant jerk jumped on my tank and it never occured to me to get out of the tank to shoot him off of it. He swiped at my tank for about 2 minutes , while I was driving in circles trying to figure out a way to get the gun low enough to shoot him of it. He finally "killed" me and the next time through I was smart enough not to let any of those guys land.

Am I better at first person shooters now?


Sorry, I was laughing so hard I had to pause for a minute there...I'm not any better (yet) but that's ok. Isn't it?
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