Friday, February 24, 2006

G4: Not Just For Gamers Anymore

I'm a little confused on what kind of channel G4 is right now. When they bought TechTV they seemed to be going for a techie/gamer combo with their shows. Now, I'm just confused. Call For Help, Filter....cancelled. I guess they needed more room for The Man Show and Fastlane. They seem to still run fairly new episodes of Attack of the Show and year old shows of X-Play, Electric Playground, Cheat and Judgement Day. It was about the time I was watching a my third preview of Ultimate Hulk that I sensed the winds of change. (Or it could have been the addition of Star Trek to the line up)

So is it a channel for techies, car fanatics, Trekkies, gamers or men? Or do they figure that they're all one in the same? I'm assuming that G4 wants to be friends with Spike TV and they're slowing phasing the gamers out so Spike will like them. Or maybe they just feel bad for all the shows cancelled on other networks and are cancelling their shows to give them a good home. Here are some more cancelled shows they could snag:

Emily's Reasons Why Not
Good Morning Miami
Kingdom Hospital
The Tony Danza Show

Oh wait....that one's still on NBC...for now...Watch out TV! G4 wants your scraps and screw any gamers that get in the way!
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