Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Game Over! (Now With More Sock Puppets!)

Okay, here we go! This is it! The finale of WCG Ultimate Gamer was last night and it had everything! Excitement! *gasp* Tears! *gasp* Suspense! *finally*

I'm going to keep the blah blah blah as short as possible. Jamal gets the boot so it's Rob and Mark in the finals. I am all about Rob winning. I think he's been one of the most well rounded gamers on the show and more importantly, he's not a complete smarmy teabagging trash talking douche (at least not in this episode).


Once Jamal gets kicks to the proverbial curb, Mark and Rob have a quick make out session ("You're the best!" No, you're the best!" "No you!" "You hang up first!" "No you!") and we move on to bigger and better things. Actually, we get back to the loft where they have some sort of sad sock puppet reunion. (Again I ask, where did they get the supplies to make sock puppets?!?!)

They take some sort of field trip because we see them come into the loft again and who is there but Rob's mother and Mark's girlfriend! Mark tells us, "I needed her there to encourage me...and keep me from kissing other girls in lavatories..." Okay, he didn't say that last part. A sweet moment is seen between Rob and his mother and I was touched that...wait a minute...

"Psst hey you! Move to your left! They're having a moment and you're in the shot!"

Apparently ever since the girls left, there's no food to be eaten so they bring in some fancy pants chef to make them all breakfast. After breakfast we have more sappy sentiments, crying, blah blah blah, Mark says, "No one thinks I'm going to win". (he can read my mind! I'm scared!) He kisses his girlfriend good-bye (what, no bathroom?) (Okay, that was my last one, promise!) and off we go to the rooftop to either wrap this thing up or jump off, one or the other. But not before we get a tender scene of the guys showing their ladies the sock puppets. (Seriously! How, where and why were they supplied with sock puppet parts?!?!?)

Jimmy Fallon and Karen from The Office are there to tell them that they will play 3 games in the finale, each one assigned points, most points win. The games are: Soul Calibur IV (yes!), Gears of War 2 (yes!) and Shaun White Snowboarding (zzzzzzz!). They won't know in what order they'll be played or how many points are assigned to which game. Out of nowhere, all of the past contestants show up, Dante takes the easy road and congratulates the finalists, Jamal continues to trash talk (shut up shut up shut up!) by saying "I'm the only one who could beat Rob". Uh, he means like he "beat" him at Halo 3 a few hours ago? Wait...does he know what "beat" means? He knows it means "win" not "lose", right?

Moving on...far away hopefully, Karen from The Office asks Swoozie what it's like to be a big loser (I've never understood why hosts ask questions like this) and we get treated to yet another Mark vs. Ciji sticks and stones throw down, this time it's mercifully short and we find out that each guy can choose one loser to "help" him practice the final games. Rob picks Swoozie and Mark picks Jamal (who are perfect for each other in my opinion, that's who Mark should've taken in the bathroom with him).

Now on to the finale! Finally!!!

One last kiss ("You're the best!" "No you!") between Rob and Mark and we're off! First game worth one point, Shaun White Snowboarding! So they have to do tricks down a zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz whatever, Mark wins this one so Mark-1, Rob-0.

Next game worth two points, Gears of War 2. Long story short, Rob wins so now it's Mark-1, Rob-2. So now it all comes down to the last game worth 3 points...

Soul Calibur IV

Here is where it gets good. Let me stop for a second here to say that I don't watch sports games (anymore at least). I'm not interested in the Super Bowl (nor the commercials), I don't watch the playoffs or World Series. There's nothing wrong with getting into watching that stuff, it's just not me. What is me is watching other people play video games. That's my "sports watching". And this final game between Mark and Rob in Soul Calibur had me up off the couch, yelling at the TV and is what led to my use of "mother f%$#%" in front of ICandee JR (Mommy's sorry sweetie!).

It was intense. Rob wins the first 4 rounds! All he has to do is win one more round and he wins the whole thing...did you hear me??? The WHOLE thing! Instead...Rob loses the NEXT 5 ROUNDS to MARK and MARK becomes the "Ultimate Gamer"?!?!?! What the what?!?!?!!


It was almost exactly like this match in the Championship Gaming Series where this guy on Carolina Core comes back to win 4 (I think it was) DOA4 rounds in a row only to lose in the next round. That, to me, is what competitive gaming should be, none of these uneven, boring, predictable matches we saw in the beginning of Ultimate Gamer's season. But take heart oh dearest Rob...historically, it's the ones that don't win reality shows that get the fame. Heck, even The Bachelor went back to the original loser so there's hope after all!

In conclusion, I enjoyed watching this show immensely. I will watch again if there is a second season and I will be blogging about it for my faithful (2) readers here at ICandee, You Game. My final prediction is this: watch out Jimmy Fallon and Karen from The Office! Only one of you will be coming back for the second season, the other will hear their very own *cue dramatic music*...



  1. I just read a friend's post on Facebook and he was truly disappointed with the finale as well.

  2. I was really disappointed as well. I was rooting for Swoozie all the way. Then Rob. Oy. I will say that I was so happy when Jamal got booted. I've been waiting for that since like episode 3.

    I enjoyed the show, but I hope if they do it again, they get more mentally stable people. Not that they would, since reality show rating seem to rely on the crazies....

  3. Hey. Wolf here. I like you coverage for Ultimate Gamer. Keep up the good work.


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