Friday, April 17, 2009

I Miss Itagaki

Well, I got to play about 5 minutes of Halo 3 co-op with RuFfNeCk before ICandee Jr woke up (it would have been 15 minutes but he wanted to watch the opening cinematic, I just wanted to kill things).

Later that night, for some strange reason...nostalgia maybe, I was in the mood for Dead or Alive 4 sparring. Sometimes I'm in the mood to kick someone's butt while they're just standing there. :P So far I've unlocked system voices for Leifang, Hitomi and Christie (there would be more but hey, I stink at throws). Ya, DOA4 is as old as the gaming hills but it still looks glossy and gorgeous and it reminds me of a simpler time like learning new cuss words via Alpha-152 and KO'ing friends with repeated punches to the face...

Good times...


  1. DOA 4 is still my favorite fighting game to this day. Who knows if we will ever see another. I wish Microsoft would just hire Itagaki and just say hey do what ever you want, just make something great ! I can dream right ...cant I ?

  2. I do believe that DOA4 was one of the first games I played with you and Chris and the rest of the TB crew. I seem to remember sucking at it quite a bit. lol Good times indeed. :)

  3. I too miss the shades-sporting, leather clad devil!


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