Sunday, April 26, 2009

Oh Yes It Was Ladies Night

Last night I had some girlfriends over for a girl's night and it proved two things:

1. I have great friends

and 2. I am totally awesome on Rock Band drums. Since RuFfNeCk has the instruments in his game room, we moved in there and made him our Monkey Butler Game Runner. I've been able to play Rock Band exactly once since ICandee Jr got here so last night was a great time for me indeed.

Today we're stalking Best Buy to try and score some of their $10 game sale games and then hopefully I'll be able to start playing a little Call of Duty 4 (yeah, yeah, I'm behind I know...). :P

UPDATE: Score! We got ahead of the unwashed masses and acquired these games for a total of 60 bucks:

Unreal Tournament III
Infinite Undiscovery
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (2 copies because I don't share)
Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3


  1. Wow you did score on the games.
    I suck at the drums, but I've only played once.

  2. omg, I need to show my hubby your blog!!!

  3. A lot of awesome stuff!! UT is a great game. I need to update and go back to my good old fps games....

  4. I too may pick up UCIII on the cheap.


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