Monday, April 6, 2009

"I'm The Best Around! Nothing's Gonna Ever Keep Me Down!"

I love any chance to combine my love of gaming with my love of...well, anything else in my life. A few days ago I noticed a contest running over at Geek Crafts and decided, what the heck...And lookie who is listed first on the winner's list:


Holy crap, I can't believe it! On top of that, RuFfNeCk has taken pity on this poor gamer who hasn't been able to game and will take charge of ICandee Jr tomorrow so that I, yes yours truly, may play games as long as I want. Oh yeah!


  1. Congrats!!! :) And that is awesome about your hubby taking care of Jr. tomorrow!! Which games are on your agenda to play??

    If I have a snow day tomorrow (yes, a snow day on April 7th!!), I think I might just have a games day as well ;) Fable 2 FTW!!! ;)

  2. Congrats girl and have fun gaming today!


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