Monday, May 4, 2009

"I've Been So Happy Playing You..."

In the immortal words of Uncle Jesse, "If every game I played, could make you roll, I'd play forever..."

Or something like that anyway. I'm speaking of course of Katamari Forever coming soon to a PS3 near you! So quit playing those Blu-rays because there's a game coming out for the PS3! Yeah, yeah I get it...a Katamari game is a Katamari game is a Katamari game but I am not even exaggerating here when I say that I couldn't care less. They could literally put out the same game with the same title every year and I would buy it every time (at full price and on the PS3 *gasp*). I am the perfect target audience...You're welcome Bandai Namco!


  1. Happy Mothers Day....Enjoy !

  2. I feel as though I need to revisit Katamari on my 360.


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