Sunday, March 1, 2009

ICandee, You Game 2: Electric Boogaloo

Well, here we are!

Welcome to the new home of ICandee, You Game! It's...




And yes, much cooler! I am still working on moving all of my archive posts from MSN Spaces to Blogspot (why did I blog so much over the past three years! ARGH!) but why make you wait any longer for my gaming no hows, er...know hows and various witty remarks?

Now, on with the update: RuFfNeCk is a "big wheel at the cracker factory" now called "Mr. Manager", ICandee Jr, our almost 5 month old gamer girl, turns over on a regular basis and my doctored 360 is still operating. All is right with the know, I'm feeling generous...

So let's celebrate my grand reopening, eh? How about some free gaming schwag? Here's the deal: I just know that all of you missed me terribly while I was on the move and are just waiting with bated breath to welcome me back and wish me luck, yes? Good! I want to see 25 well wishes life on this post. Once we reach 25 comments, I will draw a name at random and that person will receive some gaming schwag goodness from yours truly. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors but you can only comment once so there it is! If we get 25 comments (or even over 25) there will be hell to pay! Wait...that's not right...

So press the "A" button and let's get started...


  1. Yay!!! Congratulations on the launch of "ICandee, You Game" on blogspot!! :)

    Do I get something extra special for leaving the first comment? ;) Hee hee...

  2. Sorry, the contest is not open to Canada residents...So how many times have you heard that? LOL You know what, you may just get a little treat in your mailbox for being the first comment, thanks for coming to the party! :)

  3. Nice new blog site.

    I'm loving the "Pinkness" of it all!!

  4. Well it seems like change is the new thing these days with blogging. Your new site looks great and pinker ! I be sure to relink my blog to the NEW ICandee. Thanks for stopping by Text Adventure we are trying to do something a bit different with that blog , hope you will enjoy it. As always my MSN space will continue to be 100% xbox 360. Ok now let the blogging revolution begin all over again with millions of hits tons of reader and hundreds of comments everyday. Ok well maybe not , but good luck with the new blog and as always keep up the great posts !

  5. Love the new look and site Mags. Very cool. :) Now that you've brought it over here, it'll be even easier for me to follow, comment on, etc. :)

  6. I ended up moving from WL Spaces too. I preferred setting up my own domain though, with wordpress.

    I think ANYTHING would be better than WL Spaces, lol.

    Congrats on the new blog :)

  7. Finally getting myself back on the internets! Good to have you bloging here amongnst us again! There, one more comment to your post! Look forward to reading more in the future.


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