Friday, October 6, 2006

Adventure! Warlord! Human Canonball?!

First things first: HAPPY BSG SEASON 3 PREMIERE!!! Woo hoo!!!

As you might remember I mentioned that someone I know offered me an Atari system with some games. Well I went to look and see what she had, thinking I'd come away with a little something. Here's what I came home with (for free I might add):

Holy Pitfall Batman!

I also got an original "Frogger" box and inside was a stack of game manuals, including one for the infamous "E.T." game...What a deal! I mean who needs this:

When you can have this:

For FREE?!?! Excuse me while I do the free gaming happy dance...

*uh huh w00t lalalalalala me love free stuff dodeedodeedo*

How awesome is that?
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