Friday, October 27, 2006

Blogging Potpourri, Smell the Freshness! (or just smell the glove)

Well, my 30th birthday went off without a hitch (except for the 7 hour flight delay) and 30 really doesn't feel all that different...What does feel different is my name being on the list for Epic's Gears of War party this Saturday night! Woo hoo! I haven't decided if I want to drive 2 and a half hours to get to it but if I do go I'll be sure to post any pics I may take.

Back on the birthday front, my darling friend Sean80 sent me my very own copy of God of War (that's right, I have not played this game) so I will be doing some serious damage on the PS2 this weekend! Thanks Sean!

Want to really show off those 360 stats to others? Go check out (don't look at my stats though...I apparently finish very few games. :P)

By the way, have you seen the Chad Vadar, Day Shift Manager videos on If you haven't, you must! Funniest thing ever...

Speaking of ever, BSG's episode last week? BEST.EPISODE.EVER. I can't wait for tonight's episode!

Most of you may have noticed my lack of playing the 360. Basically Cooking Mama for the DS took me hostage but with the November Deluge coming up soon, I'm sure to be back on board with the 360. Yippee!
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