Monday, October 16, 2006

Attack of the Show: The Day the Music Died

Oh AOTS...I remember when the good old days when you were relevant and spoke on important issues about video games...wait, no I don't.

But whatever those days were, they are gone now and we'll never get them back. On Friday's episode, we had a very informative segment on the newest sex toy that you can connect to your PC via a USB and download your favorite songs to it. One can only imagine that this is so you can not only sing about getting "jiggy" with it, but actually be "jiggy" while singing about how you're getting "jiggy". (Assuming I know the correct use of the term, "jiggy".)

But wait, there's more!

The next segment was an interview with the band "Deadsy". Now, I have met a member of the group (Creature), who is the brother of one of my good friends. (bully for me) I also assume that they take their music seriously as I suppose any good artist should do but this was no mere interview! This interview was not only about their newest album nor their, no! The greatest amount of time was spent on Layla Kayleigh (her birth name I'm sure) putting make-up on the front man, Elijah Blue, otherwise known as Cher's son. Stop the presses! What is news like this doing on G4? Get this on C-Span people! Hello!

I thought I was the only one that found that these segments both sucked and blowed, until I visited the good and noble town of Flynn: one's safe! Arrested Development just can't catch a break...
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